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Polishing out scratches on screenGeneral

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  1. BudDroid

    BudDroid Well-Known Member

    Has anyone successfully polished out scratches on the screen?

    I'm assuming that a typical generic polishing compound will be OK, but hoping to hear if anyone has experience.

  2. BudDroid

    BudDroid Well-Known Member

    180 views and not a single comment?
  3. jefboyardee

    jefboyardee Well-Known Member

    I have the same question for my PC monitor; both are LCD, I believe. I found some goo named Displex but will go see if the local Best Buy has it, rather than getting a complete mystery online.
  4. jessegilbert

    jessegilbert Member

    Too late to follow my advice. I've used a screen protector from the beginning after scratching up other phones. Prefer generics available online to the expensive Sprint protectors. Also use a cheap silicon glove which really protects the thing.
  5. Jean-Marie

    Jean-Marie Member

    My solution for a badly scratched screen was too buy a new front/faceplate and screen protector for my phone on ebay. It was a bit scary taking the phone apart but worth the effort.
  6. moose26

    moose26 Member

    BRASSO and a soft cloth - yes it works and on cd/dvds too.

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