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[POLL]Let's discuss what is your turn off in the recent games that you've played?

What's the "turn off " in android games?

  1. Graphics quality. (Remember Ketchapp and flappy bird before ticking)

  2. Poor gameplay. (Except one tap games because obviously that's easy)

  3. In-App Purchases or Watching ads on hint

  4. Pop ups or banner ads

  5. Same story or gameplay (C'mon, I don't want to another color switch clone.Damn it!)

  6. No rewards (Games where you just have to complete levels and reach the end. No points)

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  1. manu singh

    manu singh New Member This Topic's Starter

    Dec 11, 2016
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    I recently played Asphalt : Xtreme and I tell you that i really disappointed as I was huge fan of Airborne. Graphics are out-dated. Slo-mo Wreck graphics aren't upto mark. They are now turning their games P2W nature.Plus they have developed another game which is clearly a ripped off CSR racing.


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