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Poor Battery Life (comparatively !) ????Support

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  1. FatS

    FatS Member

    Not impressed with my HD's battery life i'm afraid :(

    Had it about 4 weeks now and it's lasting from 6am to about 7pm
    and i'm only sending a few texts and maybe a couple of VERY short
    calls (3-4 mins max !)

    My N95 used to last 2-3 days with same use PLUS some camera use !

    I know the HTC's seem to be poor on battery but . . . . . !!!

    UNLIKE the Desire, it seems we can't buy the "Big Back Cover and Big
    Battery" thing ??? - :(:(

    The other threads (for the Desire) seem to agree that the 1500/1600
    pattern batteries are no better than standard ??

    Is the only way to go one of the external "packs" ??
    The "Pebble" one seems fairly well praised, but, even that has
    some connecting/consistency doubts ???

    ANY IDEAS ???


  2. SpencerUk

    SpencerUk Well-Known Member

    Are you using wifi?
    Have you got GPS turned on?
    Are you using the mobile network?
    Whats the reception like in your area
    What apps are you using?
  3. skimminstones

    skimminstones Well-Known Member

    battery perfectly fine on mine. currently at 46% after 1d 2h. Been web browsing and a lot of texts, (around 200-250), watched an hour episode on iplayer too.
  4. arhill45

    arhill45 Member

    Turn off the screen if not using. Get Advanced Task Killer and turn off the apps you're not using. Set wi-fi and bluetooth to shut down when not in use.
  5. sonesh

    sonesh Well-Known Member

    Put one of the Dashboard widgets on your homescreen so you can disable/enable features easily.

    I use:
    WiFi (on at home, off everywhere else)
    GPS (off whenever I don't need it, because things like Weather will spend 10 minutes trying to get your exact location every few hours)
    Bluetooth (always used to drain the battery on all phones I've ever owned)
    Screen Brightness (dim always, except when I'm watching a video/in the sun)
  6. Jaffa

    Jaffa Well-Known Member

    Screen will always be your biggest drain, what does the screen on time say in battery stats?
  7. Chris7

    Chris7 Active Member

    i have a problem with mine too, where do i see the battery stats lol ?
  8. Chris7

    Chris7 Active Member

    ok i went into manage apps and see 61 running, i take it this means there is 61 apps running lol,

    How do i know which ones to force stop, besides the obvious ?
  9. redshark313

    redshark313 Active Member

    go, menu, settings, about phone, battery, battery use

    The tips below aren't just for battery life, just my suggested settings to hopefully give you a bit more from your DHD:

    1. Do a software update - menu, settings, about phone, system software updates.
    2. Turn display brightness down as low as you can (I set mine at about 15%).
    3. Install something like quick settings and place link on your main home screen, so that you can access quickly to turn say wi-fi and gps on/off.
    4. Ensure any sync'ing the phone does, say email / facebook / maps, etc. is as required and not as often as the phone can. Mine checks my email every 30 mins and I don't use GPS unless I need maps.
    5. Ensure USB debugging is turned on - this is mainly to reduce lag, but may well help with battery life. menu, settings, applications, development, set usb debugging on.
    6. Ensure your phone has a short screen timeout - menu, settings, power saver, screen timeout + settings.

    Check out this link regarding a response from htc on battery charging:
    Official response from HTC RE: How to double battery Life (WORKS!) + 2nd Reply - xda-developers

    Otherwise, it may just be an app that's draining your phone or you might have a bad device.

    Try the tips above and see how you get on. Good luck :)
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  10. Chris7

    Chris7 Active Member

    Thanks i will try them....

    My display uses 68% then i have 4 apps using 6% then the rest 2% but i suppose they all add up :)

    will report back.
  11. sonesh

    sonesh Well-Known Member

    68% for display sounds pretty good. It means there aren't other apps that are running in the background draining battery.

    I can only recommend turning down the screen brightness, and setting the screen timeout to 30 seconds.
  12. Chris7

    Chris7 Active Member

    ok i did this to sonesh, But it lasted say 9 hours today, i didnt use phone for a call, Played a few games and used it a few times for text and internet.... i got screen down to 58% but there is now android system using 19% what is this ?
  13. K33VRN DHD

    K33VRN DHD Member

    that will be apps etc, my screen is running 54%, check out my thread in this section on battery life, see if any of it helps!

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