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  1. matt306

    matt306 New Member

    Just got an optimus ellite last week, its my first android and first touch screen phone. compared to my old blackberrys its amazing. however the battery life is terrible and its gotten stuck in sleep mode 3 times. after reading threads and talking to my buddy whos an android genius, im going to exchange it today after class. im just posting because once i exchange it ill post an update to help others if theyve got this problem. i have been going back and fourth on exchanging it but the sleep problem decided it. hopefully ill get one of the non-lemon ones this time. update will come in a week or so. wish me luck.

  2. Artine

    Artine Well-Known Member Contributor

    Have you tried installing any of the custom ROMs? Or rooting at all, or trying something as simple as JuiceDefender? All of those things extend the battery life by miles in comparison to how the phone comes out of the box. Take a look at the custom ROMs and try using JuiceDefender, is what I would recommend before switching devices. Despite how it comes, it's actually quite the little powerhouse for the price with the right modifications :) And two and a half days of battery life potential isn't bad either (and it won't get stuck in sleep mode) :)
  3. matt306

    matt306 New Member

    Just got back from best buy. This new optimus already seems better, the touch screen is way more responsive. I did try a juice defender type app on my old one. Didnt help.
    As for battery life amd sleep problem on this one only time will tell. But I'm optimistiic, I love this little phone so Im glad best buy made it easy to exchange. I'm not a computer savvi guy even though I'm an 80s / 90s kid, so I didn't want to try rooting or anything. Plus for the money I paid I didn't want to have to take extra steps just to get it to perform the way it should out of the box. One weeks time should tell if this one is another lemon, or if I'm good to go.
  4. Artine

    Artine Well-Known Member Contributor

    Actually, rooting is as simple as a single button on an app for this phone, now. The guide I've written is for anyone to understand easily, and is very detailed/thorough. As long as you follow things verbatim, there's nothing to worry about at this point :) Take a shot at it :) And as far as JuiceDefender goes, for out-of-the-box it managed to give me up to an extra six hours. That still only gave me about 18 hours of battery life before rooting and throwing a custom ROM on it, however (also, they fix many stock bugs).
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  5. miediev

    miediev Well-Known Member

    It could be argued that a rooted phone is less secure and potentially less stable. It could also be argued that since giantpunes custom kernel patches several glaring security holes, and the ClockWorkMod custom recovery allows one to make full backups and recoveries of the phone operating system and files, all without the necessity to otherwise change from stock, that the phone is more secure and stable than when unrooted. If one were to go a small step further and install even a simple stripped-down ROM such as Harmonia they would also find themselves free of the carrier-installed bloat-ware.

    From what I've seen I'd say this is one of the easiest phones to root and modify at this point. There's an app to root, an app to install CWM, and installing a ROM is embarrassingly simple once all that's done. You don't even have to install any potentially phone bricking apps like rom manager
  6. Artine

    Artine Well-Known Member Contributor

    By default, having a rooted phone doesn't make your phone less secure, actually. If you remount the /system partition to R/W and leave it like that, then you've left open a gaping security hole. However, you get to manage which app has root access and which doesn't, quite extensively so, so no, by default, being rooted isn't less secure. Not that I'm aware, anyway. And the rest of it - you're spot on. But there are numerous background changes in /system for the custom ROMs that go far above and beyond Harmonia, including bug fixes, scripts, and other modifications that make the phone much more efficient and afford it much longer battery life even without installing any extra apps :)
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  7. Murf1

    Murf1 Well-Known Member

    My 2 cents on battery life. I increased mine 2x by turning off 3G. I use PowerToggles now, but did use "DataSwitch" app (if you want a simple single widget).
  8. matt306

    matt306 New Member

    ok well i appriciate all the input, but like i said, i do not want to root my phone or alter the os or anything like that. turns out i didnt have to. i know most of you guys are very tech savi, but i am not, and sometimes the simplest answer is the best. bottom line, i paid for a working phone and it didnt perform. so i realized it was probably defective. so what did i do? i took it back and exchanged it, got the same model of phone. well im currently on hour 52, thats right hour 52, of my phone being on, and i still have 25 percent battery life left. and it hasnt gotten stuck in sleep at all. i dont doubt that for alot of you, rooting the phone or doing other things is not only easy fro you, but you enjoy it as well, i can respect that. but sometimes you just get a defective product, and the best way to fix the problem is make the retailer replace it. im a simple guy and i like simple answers. that being said, i love this phone, i love the battery life and i love the stock operating system. so my reccomendation to anyone whos experiencing poor battery life is to simply EXCHANGE THE PHONE.
  9. Artine

    Artine Well-Known Member Contributor

    True enough :)

    But honestly, rooting is literally as simple as pressing one button, one time, in one app, now :D

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