Poor Battery Life: Return to AT&T?

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  1. davidvang

    davidvang Member

    sort of a noob with android. i've only had mine for about 3 months. a few days ago i upgraded my samsung captivate to 2.3.5 and now the battery life is super not good.

    i only get about 8 hours of battery life using the phone lightly-moderately. didn't keep track of battery life before but it was definately better than 8 hrs.

    did a factory reset but phone is still getting bad battery life. i've read a bunch of threads/blogs on how to increase battery life but no luck for me.

    i'm thinking about returning it to att.. would that be possible? i'd be glad with just a new battery from them if they aren't willing to replace the whole phone. only thing i'm concerned about when returning the phone, is that the phone was supposed to be for me sister because her 2yr contract was expired so we used her line to order the phone for me.

    i ordered it from the att website and on the receipt it shows her number. would that cause any issues if i went in like this. should i put her sim into the phone? she currently has an iphone 3g.

    and one more thing, do they care that i used kies to update from 2.2 to 2.3?


  2. Silvertag

    Silvertag Well-Known Member

    Make sure to deep cycle your battery 3 complete cycles to recalibrate the battery. This often happen after a upgrade or switching ROMS.

    Let it go dead and charge it up back to 100%. Do this 3 time in a row. After the third time your battery should now settle and last longer.
  3. bmoliver

    bmoliver Well-Known Member

    I have been using Battery Defender with some success on 2.3.5.
  4. davidvang

    davidvang Member

    thanks i will trying the battery calibration method posted above. i have already tried two other ways with no success.

    battery defender is next on my list.

    i'm seriously considering trying to take the phone back to att because i want a new phone anyways :p
  5. lordfly911

    lordfly911 Well-Known Member

    My upgrade to 2.3.5 actually improved my battery life, but I also had a few tweaks. I overclock my phone to 1.2 Ghz using Tegrak Overclock Ultimate. I have it throttled to ondemand. I have noticed that my phone goes to sleep a lot more so instead of 6 hours of battery I am getting over double that.

    It all depends on how you use it. I also did another major change since my work uses Lotus. Thus I have to have Traveler installed as an email client. I changed it so it only checks mail every 15 minutes during work and every hour otherwise. That also made a big difference.

    Don't be afraid to do changes to meet your needs. Not everyone is the same, that is the reason we don't have an Iphone. Android allows you to customize and make the phone yours.
  6. fldude99

    fldude99 Well-Known Member

    If that's the case then why beat your head against the? Return it & pick up the S2..you'll be more than happy.
  7. davidvang

    davidvang Member

    scared to return it because they might say some stuff because of the issues address on my first post :(

    already did the recharging cycle three times. somewhat better, still poor battery life though

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