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  1. lsli

    lsli New Member

    Just a tip for those people who are experiencing bad quality. I recently ordered two Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 phones (both had update stickers on their box which I'm guessing the software on the phone has been updated recently) both with the stock ROM. Specifically, my family and friends would complain about the call quality. They had a hard time hearing me. My voice would sound muffled and faint. There were also complaints about static. This would happen whether I was on the handset, headset, or speakerphone.

    I tried a few things to fix the issue. I called Verizon. They tried refreshing the VLR on their end. I have no idea what that does but it didn't help me. I then looked on the Internet for any ideas. I tried disabling voice privacy (Phone > Call Settings > uncheck Voice Privacy) which seemed to help a little. I also tried disabling noise reduction when in handset mode (Phone > Call Settings > Additional Settings > uncheck noise reduction). That had no effect.

    I then read on a web page that a factory reset was supposed to help. So I also did a factory reset (Menu > Settings > Back up and reset > Factory data reset). That did not work either.

    However, I then wondered if the person who suggested a factory reset might have also implicitly expected me to clear the cache partition, too. I booted into recovery mode by simultaneously pressing on the up volume key, the home button, and the power button. In recovery mode, I then performed the following:

    select "wipe cache partition"
    select "wipe data/factory reset"
    select "reboot system now"​

    After I did this, I believe the call quality improved immensely (at least that's what my friends and family are telling me). I wonder if I even had to do the factory reset - maybe all I needed to do was to clear the cache partition.

    Hope this helps others who were in a panic because the call quality problem is a dealbreaker for me. If people can't hear me talking, then I would have returned my S3s. And I would have hated to do that since this phone is awesome - infinitely better than my craptastic Samsung Moment... Some people may already know this solution, but I certainly didn't and I'm certainly not an Android expert.

  2. S3owner

    S3owner New Member

    YOU SAID IN YOUR ADVISE: I booted into recovery mode by simultaneously pressing on the up volume key, the home button, and the power button.

  3. S3owner

    S3owner New Member

    sorry, my fault: I didn't understand you said it must be up position of volume button....i pressed the upper side of it and it worked fine....i wiped cache only and people can hear me better, thanks
  4. dfran1

    dfran1 Well-Known Member

    Did that erase or loose any application data, save games and configurations?
  5. paulos77

    paulos77 New Member

    Just wondering if anyone can answer the question above?
  6. paulos77

    paulos77 New Member

    I got impatient and tried it anyway........IT doesn't wipe any data that i can see.

    Haven't tried the call quality yet.....

    FYI - on the S3 forum a lot of people are having the same issue
    Poor call quality - Page 6
  7. clitrenta

    clitrenta Well-Known Member

    Am I just not dexterious or am I doing something wrong. I press those three together (no easy task!) and the darn thing takes a screen shot (never knew about THAT) :p
  8. dfran1

    dfran1 Well-Known Member

    Power off the phone first then try with phone powered off
  9. clitrenta

    clitrenta Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I figured that out. Didn't really catch that from the post. :eek:
  10. paulos77

    paulos77 New Member

    Didn't work for me. Still have same issue.

    2-3 mins into a call, the person on the other end says my voice sounds like i am walking away from the phone and can only hear every other word, if at all. Then it kicks back in to be fine again.....and this repeats.
  11. Mooncrater

    Mooncrater New Member


    i applied 1/3 of this fix ie select "wipe cache partition" to an issue i had where i was getting a completely garbled line for portion of a call.....the fixed has worked a treat.

    fyi .... i did perform a factory reset prior to the fix above, but, it had no effect on the garbled line....so i resorted to the "wipe cache partition" and it work perfectly

  12. Aldo23

    Aldo23 Member

    I also have the issue of poor call quality and tried the "wipe cache partition". So far I think this has made a huge difference. Thank you!:)

    I did not issue the "wipe data/factory reset" command thought out of fear I would loose everything on my phone. Does that command cause the phone to go back to an out of the box configuration? Would I loose everything and have to reload all my apps, etc.
  13. am71000

    am71000 New Member

    I have tried pressing all 3 buttons and it just keeps turning my phone off or on. What am I missing?
  14. dfran1

    dfran1 Well-Known Member

    Phone has to be powered off first
    Then try.
  15. Aldo23

    Aldo23 Member

    Does the "wipe data/factory reset" command set the phone S3 back to original factory settings? Anotherwords, will have to re-load all my apps, etc?
  16. am71000

    am71000 New Member

    I am turning it off first. Do You just press all 3 for a short time or hold down until the phone does something. I hold all 3 and all that happens is the phone turns back on.
  17. dfran1

    dfran1 Well-Known Member

    Yes a wipe and factory reset does wipe your phone like you just received it new, but once you log into Google your apps should all come back that you have downloaded from Google play.
    You will have to reconfigure all your apps. It does suck somewhat
    Good luck
  18. dfran1

    dfran1 Well-Known Member

    I am assuming you are trying to get into recovery
    With phone off
    press and hold
    Volume up
    Then power, last and keep holding all 3
  19. am71000

    am71000 New Member

    Thank you. The trick is to only hold until you see blue light in upper left of screen flash then let go and choose from menu. Thanks again.
  20. dfran1

    dfran1 Well-Known Member

    Sorry about that
    I do do that but forgot about it till you just mentioned it
    Again Sorry for the missing step
    Best of luck
  21. tc4all

    tc4all New Member

    I tried all of this and it did make some difference, but, and it is a big but, it is nowhere near what it needs to be. I compared it to a free old Motorola and this S3 is just garbage. I just have to decide if it is a group of phones and changing for another will be better or if I just need to return it. Probably the later. I find this inexcusable from Samsung for a phone of this price. Maybe that is why they are already down to $99 and even $79 with a plan. My Sister's S2 sounds fine, but not this thing. Can anyone say class action suite.
  22. cogswell

    cogswell New Member

    I too have horrible call quaity that sounds like the person on the other end is covering their mouth, gargling with marbles... while in a tunnel. I find myself repeating "hanh, what, could you repeat that" Performed the steps the op has illustrated but still find no improvement. This is unacceptable! Any suggestions? I don't want to jump ship as I've come to love this phone in my brief month with it.
  23. Fattires13

    Fattires13 New Member

    Four years later and this solution works for the S5. I had the exact same issue with my new 16G S5; muffled or hard to hear. I cleared the cache partition as described and then rebooted. I immediately made a phone call to the person I was just talking to and they said it was much clearer. Still not 100% but much much better. Environment and volume of voice was the same in both calls

    So now I have to ask myself, if this has been an issue for at least four years why hasn't this issue been addressed?!?!

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