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  1. Canarytops

    Canarytops Member

    Hi my wife has just purchased an 10.1 (WiFi only model). If seems to take forever (15mins +) for current location to be identified when there is no WiFi available. I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 and if I turn off WiFi and place it next to the tab it finds satellites within about 30secs (even in "new" locations).
    Is the GPS in both Samsung devices equivalent, should they perform the same ? (I've loaded GPS Test on both and one other thing I noticed is that the tab seems to want 6-7 satellites in view before it will "use" any of them).
    Is there any way I can find out ig the tab's GPS is actually faulty ?

    ps I have also tried the "clear AGPS" & "reload AGPS" options within GPS Test, doesn't seem to make any difference.

  2. Mr. Lucky

    Mr. Lucky Well-Known Member Contributor

    There are two modes of wifi - assisted and stand-alone. Yours is apparently set to assisted, and since there is no data source to assist lockup when wifi is disabled, it takes "forever." I don't know why there would be a difference between devices (my Tab does not have this issue), but if there is a way to change it, you'll more than likely find it over on xdaDevelopers.
  3. bfksc

    bfksc Well-Known Member

    I think you're confusing true GPS lock and AGPS lock.
    Turn off the cellular radio in your S2 and then run the same GPS test and you'll find it takes a lot longer to lock in. The reason is Assisted GPS uses WiFi and/or cellular network data to "assist" in getting a rough location quickly, then gets more accurate when it locks in on the satellites. This is normal.

    And without some sort of data connection, the Maps app for instance can't load map info unless it's cached, so it will actually complain that it requires a data connection. I use an app for geocaching that will work without a data connection, but it too takes a few minutes to lock onto satellites on my Tab when I disable the 3G and WiFi connections.
  4. Canarytops

    Canarytops Member

    Sorry for the delay in updating. Tab replaced and new one is much improved so suspect GPS issue with original.

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