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  1. CKB

    CKB New Member

    Has any one else had trouble getting a good GPS signal? Have tried two different golf gps apps and have only been able to get/hold a GPS signal once. It always says poor or weak signal. I can get maps and I had the gps track me as I was driving to see if it was getting a signal at all and it was, just can't get a strong enough signal to use the golf GPS. If anyone has any ideas, please advise.

  2. cdman2008

    cdman2008 Member

    its seems to just be a gps issue with android, ive never found an android phone that can find the gps quickly and accurately. atleast have it do it consistantly.

    that is one feature that the iphone wins on hand down.

    i love my droid 3 but the gps sucks.
  3. JoeFishNC

    JoeFishNC Active Member

    I have used mine a few times and never had an issue with the GPS. :confused:
  4. glennj

    glennj Well-Known Member

    >its seems to just be a gps issue with android, ive never found an android phone
    > that can find the gps quickly and accurately.
    >atleast have it do it consistantly.

    I am surprised at what you report. Susan and I use the Droid3 GPS to do our geocaching (via c:Geo) and it is accurate, rpid-locking and better than any of our previous stand-alone units. Both our phones GPS' work perfectly, with one issue...sometimes we have to shut down the location services and then turn them back on before the GPS will be available. Sleep Mode might be involved with that. When its properly enabled, it finds satellites and locks much faster than like a Garmin.

    > that is one feature that the iphone wins on hand down.

    I only tried to use an iPhone once for geo-caching. It was an iPhone3GS, I think, and it was wretched. It could not lock on to a location closer than like 1/4 mile and it could not deal with normal movement, like in a car on I-91. I suspect it was just using towers to triangulate, so maybe that was not a fair test, but it was the best it could do I was told by its owner.

    > i love my droid 3 but the gps sucks.

    I am sorry you are having trouble. With Latitude enabled, I can tell where my sons are, whether in their apartments or visiting friends in the same complex, and all that is over 30 miles away. Accuracy is a few feet. One son has a Droid1 and the other a Droid2.

    I'm thinking of enabling Latitude with GPS on Susan's Droid3 as well, so I can find her in case her car breaks down, but she might not be comfortable with that ! :rolleyes:

  5. cdman2008

    cdman2008 Member

    ya it doesnt really make sense why it doesnt work very well for me.

    everyone of my friends that have an android phone has issues with the gps.

    ive used a 3gs and iphone 4 on att and an iphone 4 on verizon and the gps is instant finding my location wether im moving or not.

    it makes me mad when i wanna use navigiation and it take more than 5 minutes to find my location if it even finds it at all. ive swapped the phone out for a new one and its still has the same issues.
  6. patrauch

    patrauch Member

    I have Golflogix and FreeCaddie installed and have used them both with no issues.
  7. CKB

    CKB New Member

    Free Caddie and Skydroid are the two that I cannot get a GPS signal with. I have only been able to get a signal once on the Skydroid. Have tried resetting, off/on, etc. and all it says is searching on the Free Caddie and no or poor GPS signal on the Skydroid. That's why I was wondering if this was just a bug with the D3 or if it's my phone itself.
  8. bishop0114

    bishop0114 Well-Known Member

    This might be a little outside of the topic but I have had this problem on the DX (just ordered the D3) on various applications. I ran a program called FastFix (I think it needs root, though) and it sets the region to North America. As soon as this is done, my locks went from minutes (or not at all) to less than a second, in all applications...

    Hope this helps.
  9. IzelTokatl

    IzelTokatl Well-Known Member

    my GPS locks on faster than my Fascinate, no problems with the D3. You may want to exchange it since you may have a lemon and you have 30ish days to replace it. OR 1 yr warranty to replace it if the GPS is crap.

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