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Poor sound quality when headphones are pluged

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  1. Sathirel

    Sathirel New Member

    Hello guys, my first post here!

    I'm coming here because I need some help to understand why the sound quality is so bad (no bass, I can barely hear the singer voice, can only hear the most acute sounds...) when I plug my headphones on my Android. I have a Samsung Galaxy S rooted. My headphones have amazing sound quality when I plug them to a PC. Also, when I plug my AUX cable in my cellphone to my car radio the sound is perfect as well so I don't understand what is the problem here!:confused::(

  2. xxkid123

    xxkid123 Well-Known Member

    Well if you're rooted and messing around with ROMs or just system settings in general, check to make sure you haven't messed anything up, or that the ROM you're using doesn't have any bugs with sound. My phone shares ROMs with it's international variant, which is almost exactly the same, but it has different sound drivers and a HSPA+ radio. Anyways, the different sound drivers means that if the ROM isn't pre modified, then you can get a really tinny audio effect.

    If you use a CM based ROM, check your DSPmanager. You may have something messed up in your headphone's tab

    finally, it may just be because of your location. If you're out and about, or if you just have any background noise, then it'll slightly muffle and mess up your sound quality. With a computer you're at home without the same amount of background noise. Your car speakers are obviously larger than your headphones, they'll be much less affected by random noises in the background.

    just a few thoughts.
  3. Sathirel

    Sathirel New Member

    Thanks for your reply xxkid123.

    I'm under the Version Kernel sj0829.kwon@SEP-08 #2
    Version Number: FROYO.TLJL3

    I'm not familiar enough with this technology and I'm not really sure what exactly you want me to look, could you help me out looking if there is any bug or error reported?

    And for the background, there is no background at all. I'm alone at home with no background sound. If you could hear what I mean, you would understand. It looks like more the sound is heavy or acute, less the headphones will be able to play it. Like if there is a very pinch sound, it will be able to play only a part of the pinch sound, not at its full power... well not sure if you're understand, I have a crappy english too ;) (french here)

    Also, I have an other pair of headphones (MLG gaming headphones) that I just plugged in my phone and it works awesome.. so its just a problem In-Ear headphones/Phone
  4. iphonerepairs

    iphonerepairs Member

    I think there is something problem with your android set, check the setting of your phone may be there is some technical problem.
  5. pwatkins

    pwatkins Active Member

    As everything else plugged into the socket works, it doesn't seem likely it is a phone problem?

    To me sounds more like a plug problem with your headphones. 3.5mm jacks and sockets vary as to how tight to the standard specs they are in size and in the position of the insulating/conducting bands. I have 3.5mm extension cables that work fine in one device and totally distort the sound when plugged into another. Wiggling the jack around in the socket sometimes helps - sometimes doesn't.

    Do the original earphones that came with the phone work? These should have similar characteristics (if not quality) to the in-ear phones you have a problem with.

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