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  1. Chrisp7

    Chrisp7 Active Member

    A big reason for getting the i7500 is for the 5MP camera, something the iphone/HTC is lacking but looking at the video from the i7500 (at the end of this review) Im rather concerned! Do you think this is the fault of Android? How does the video quality compare to the Magic for example?

    YouTube - Samsung Galaxy sous Android pour NUMERIMATCH

  2. dreamer81

    dreamer81 Active Member

    there is no example of the video quality in the above youtube clip?
  3. Chrisp7

    Chrisp7 Active Member

    There is 3:21 onwards - It says in French, the Samsung Galaxy filmed by the Galaxy.:)
  4. Chrisp7

    Chrisp7 Active Member

    Some more sample video. Still doesnt look good.
    YouTube - Samsung Galaxy Video

    My point is why get this phone over the iphone if the camera is so poor. I dont want to go iphone though!
  5. vcanteli

    vcanteli New Member

    Actually, it is not possible to judge the quality of a video through a youtube post. What you are watching in youtube is what is left of the original video after youtube codecs processing (known by its low quality and low bitrate to save data). Only a raw video from the phone posted here would be useful to judge. I'm waiting for someone to do that.

    (I'm a video producer)

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