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  1. sendsley

    sendsley Member

    Anybody having problems with POP e-mail accounts? I've set two up and during the manual set up process the phone checks setup and it gets past that screen. But when loading messages I get a connection error. It has worked a few times and the e-mail comes through. Also I'm not sure if it's not correctly checking every 30 minutes as I set up or if it's just getting connection errors every 30 minutes. I know there's mail on the server and I'm having no problems with connecting to this e-mail server through other methods. Is this a T-Mobile or Android issues or something else? Anybody else having similar issues? Every thing else seems to be great, downloads are fast - especially on Wi-Fi, web browser is amazing but pop3 e-mail problems are frustrating.

  2. Jake

    Jake Active Member

    I would just check your actual email settings for that particular account. For example, check if POP is enabled. If possible I would lways suggest using IMAP settings instead. Usually when you cannot connect to the server it is not the client (G1 mail app) it is the 3rd party email you are trying to set up.
  3. sendsley

    sendsley Member

    Thanks Jake.
    It does work intermittently but doesn't seem to be checking every 30 minutes successfully nor is it deleting e-mails on the server.

    So since it does connect at times could it still be the settings?

    It is a pop3 account on my webhost for 2 websites, I've set the accounts up many times.


  4. dballz

    dballz Well-Known Member

    I can't even set mine up
  5. joephu

    joephu Member

    I have POP enabled on my Exchange Server 2003 but can't get past the SMTP screen. It should be my server's IP just like the inbound setting. This is so annoying because I can get it to work on other office phones that use pop too. WTF.
  6. sh0ck3r

    sh0ck3r Member

    I am having the exact same issue. It works right after setup, but then get the connection issue when trying to refresh.

    Also, when I read an email, the color marker next to it (assuming this means "new mail") will disappear after I read it. However, when I close the email app and open it again a short while later. It loads all of the emails and puts the marker right next to it again!

    I just want my pop email to work!! :(
  7. sendsley

    sendsley Member

    Mine is at least connecting now but I'm never getting a notification. Anybody have any thoughts on the best way to report this to T-Mobile or Google?
  8. tmobert

    tmobert New Member

    I'm also using Exchange Server 2003, but I setup IMAP/SMTP. I set up rules/alerts to send email to my gmail account. Seems to work well, but only when my laptop is connected to the exchanger server. IT would be nice to have an app created for outlook to avoid this hassle.
  9. Windchill

    Windchill Well-Known Member

    This is exactly the same problem I am having. Tmo is aware of the problem and are working with google and HTC to fix the problem. At least that was what I was told this afternoon. I spent almost an hour on the phone with tech support trying to figure it out. I guess in the mean time I will just forward all my pop accounts to google. I am not real happy about that but you know it is a new system and it is bound to have a few bugs to work out.
  10. pestilence

    pestilence Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to make sure you're not missing setting it up for authentication on smtp. I don't think exchange ever let's you do smtp from outside a domain subnet without authentication.
  11. mckolley

    mckolley Member

    Cant get past the SMTP screen. Even with the help of T-mobile who does deny any problem. Worthless. Help pls who post here an answer.
  12. rbp

    rbp New Member

    this is the exact same problem i am having 18 months after the original post. POP3 does not work with Android and no one has a clue as to why or how to fix it.

    I can set up the account just fine but either i cannot download email from my server or it downloads, and then stops and I get error messages either "no data connection" (when there is ) or "username or password are incorrect" (which they are not) or "no new messages" (which there are).

    go figure. all this technology and they cant figure out the most basic functions.
  13. ChicagoBob

    ChicagoBob Active Member

    I can use pop3 without issue but am disappointed with the limited functionality. I switched to k9 and continue to be disappointed. Andriod has some serious issues for serious users that have pop accounts
  14. ChicagoBob

    ChicagoBob Active Member

    Is there anyone who has written a nice pop3 email program?
  15. gswright

    gswright New Member

    I got stuck during setup at the SMTP screen also. I was trying to copy the POP settings from my Apple Mail but that didn't work. I have a mail.com alias so I contacted their tech support and they sent me Android-specific settings which worked.

    However my Samsung Intercept has not been able to download any new mail for two days. It says "loading" but the little status icon indicates EVD which means it feels the hi-speed network but is dormant, no uploading or downloading going on. Choosing Refresh from the Email menu does nothing. How do I wake this thing up?
  16. gswright

    gswright New Member

    Aha. I selected one of the POP email accounts, went to Settings, and tried to look at the incoming settings. It threw an error message saying "Email has stopped unexpectedly" with a button to press saying "Force close". When I re-entered Email and checked the settings again it was okay, and now there is network activity and it seems to be catching up on Email.
  17. Zeus2010

    Zeus2010 New Member

    I purchased the Samsung Epic Droid device last Friday. I absolutely fell in love with it. Having been a blackberry user for so many years I never knew what I was missing. My gmail account took less than 2 seonds to setup however my pop3 accounts were a different story. I spent 6 hours trying to get my pop3 to work. I downloaded 3 additional applications recommended by Android to make it work and NOTHING worked. I called Sprint technical support and had them transfer me to advanced tier tech support and they were able to cofirm for that Android at this point does not support pop3 very well. It is very inconsistent. Unfortunately that is unacceptable for me and I returned my Droid the very next day. I am now back to my trusty blackberry. I must admit blackberry is it not a fun device to use. It does not have an opensource app center like Android nor does it have a 5mp camera with thousands of other cool features but it DOES work phenomenally with all my email eccounts. I suppose if I was in 5th grade and only needed gmail I would have been in heaven.

  18. Android pop3 is a major issue. I never had issues unti I got on android. My settings are perfect. Every time I wipe my Vibrant and set up pop email only works for one to three days and then all hell breaks loose. Emails wont send nd all emails wont show properly.

    Blckberrys work perfectly. I wonder if its an background apparently we are killing with task killers?
  19. Socratic

    Socratic New Member

    Hey guys I posted this also under the Fascinate thread, but since it was a similar issue, I thought it might help to spread the wealth so to speak.

    As many in here I have been having some E-mail issues with a POP3 account. From searching the web it appears that this issue is rampant across all of the droid phones. I have had the fascinate for about 2 weeks. I setup the e-mail initially, and it has worked flawlessly for about 2 weeks, then all of the sudden sometime yesterday, it quit retreaving e-mails. And this morning, I noticed when trying to force it to retrieve e-mails that I was getting the dreaded No connection issue. Settings were fine, and I rebooted phone several times, No help. I deleted the e-mail account and re-set it up. No help. I might add that during that setup, test on both servers worked fine, but when it tried to retrieve e-mails, No Connection. Finally I downloaded K9, and it is working fine (Crosses Fingers). However, I checked the stock app, and it still comes up with the No connection issue. Any ideas? Feedback from a Forum moderator would be nice. Thanks.

    I am updating a couple things here that I thought of:
    I installed a couple new updates (At least 6), so it is always possible that one of these items is somehow responsible for the e-mail issue. Unfortunately, I don't remember all of them, but I am posting in case there are similarities for those others that are having problems. I know for a fact that Angry birds, System Panel, TV Guide Mobile, and Chuck Norris Facts, were updated. I don't remember the others. In addition I tried the trial version of PowerAmp yesterday. I removed PowerAMP, and System panel, and rebooted on the chance that they might have somehow been responsible. (Don't see how on PowerAmp, but the System Panel was suspect) And, before somone jumps on this, no, I was not using System Panel to kill Tasks. I stopped doing this after about day 2 when I did a little more reading on the Droid forums. Anyway, hope that helps someone out.

  20. I just got a Fascinate as well and am having the same problem. I installed K9 and it works flawlessly. I have a process killer, but have not even used it, so I doubt I'm killing any needed processes.
  21. epic4guser

    epic4guser New Member

    I had set up my new Epic 4G using the automatic e-mail set up tool. I also set the e-mail to download from two different POP accounts every 10 minutes. When the e-mails stop downloading automatically, they also could not be downloaded manually either. I have found that going to the task manager (by pressing and holding the home button at the bottom of the phone) and manually ending e-mail under the active applications has helped. I then go back and open up the e-mail program again and I'm able to then manually download my e-mail. Not sure yet if that will also start the auto download function again, but at least it gets me out of being stuck with no e-mail at all. Hope that helps some of you.
  22. stelsg

    stelsg New Member

    For me POP3/SMTP works perfectly through wi-fi connection. The messages referred above are presenting though via 3G networks when wi-fi is not available. I cannot tell why yet since internet browsing is perfect in any way.
  23. NoSpinHere

    NoSpinHere New Member

    This solution was a huge help for me. I bought a TMobile Mytouch 3G last year and I too had problems setting up and syncing my emails using the Android stock email app. With the help of a local Tmobile retailer, we found that the "user name" in the POP or SMTP email settings used with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may not be the same user name required in the email settings on your phone. For example, if your email user name with your email service (I use TimeWarner Cable broadband) is JohnDoe56@satx.rr.com, the user name may in fact be JohnDoe56 on your phone email settings. I used the abbreviated user name initially and my email syncing worked, but it wasn't reliable. THEN I FOUND OUT THROUGH A TMOBILE TECHNICIAN, that if you have email that is perpetually stuck in your phone's email "Outbox" (which I had when I first set this thing up), this could in fact be the issue, and it was. He recommended that I completely reinstall my stock androild email app (to clear the outbox, but this wipes out all historical emails too), which I did, and success was achieved at last. ...and guess what? I set it up with my complete user name (again, this is your complete email address) and now my email syncs in lightening speed. It also helps to set your "email check frequency" to the shortest duration, which is five minutes. You'll be beeped every five minutes if you haven't read new email, but that's not an issue for me. I am a happy camper now, but it sure took some work getting there.
  24. NoSpinHere

    NoSpinHere New Member

    I couldn't agree more! All synced emails freeze every now and then, but by using a task killer (I use "Advanced Task Killer) and killing your email which essentially reboots and refreshes it, it solves the syncing problem, and even "pushes" emails in your outbox faster if they freeze. Fortunately, these issues don't happen too often, but its nice to have a quick solution at your finger tips when they do, especially if you use emails for business purposes like I do.
  25. mikepala85

    mikepala85 Active Member

    To access multiple outlook accounts in mobile make use of some third party apps like OutlookReflex.

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