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  1. MediSoft

    MediSoft New Member

    Hey I Just Purchased HTC Explorer
    Once I updated the version ie to 2.3.5 i am getting SMS PopUp Message for particular one no. ie 50 from the Cell Service provider all other messages go directly to notification. but for this particular it always asks me to cancel or save. These messages come in bulk of around 100/day. Every time i am in middle of somm app. i have to select cancel for nos. of times the message popped.

    Is there any setting i need to do.. Pls. Help

  2. daneyal

    daneyal New Member

    I am also recieving the same message as well. Its quite irritating, please help out
  3. nikhilporwal94

    nikhilporwal94 New Member

    Go to settings>Call>Uncheck cell broadcast!

    As simple as that!
    Hope that helps

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