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pop up takes over browser

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  1. makoti

    makoti New Member

    I am using Dolphin HD 8.2.1 on my Bionic. Lately, I'll get this pop-up that promises I've won something in my town & I need to click "OK" to continue. If I don't click "ok", I can't go back, say no, or do anything other than close the browser. When I open it back up, I'm in the same spot. All I've been able to do it re-boot the phone to get out of it. A complete pita.
    The pop-up is for rewardstoday.org. Never clicked "ok", so no idea of where it wants to take me. It has happened on several different sites, so it's not just one site that is the problem.
    Anybody else run across this? How do you stop it? Or at least get out of it?

  2. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    It's aggressive advertising, known as AirPush and similar.

    Look in your browser's settings and set the hijacked browser home page back to a site like Google.

    The app which had created that mess might be still on your phone ... recently installed or updated.
    Install Lookout's 'Ad Network Detector' to find this culprit app.

    Lookout Ad Network Detector

  3. makoti

    makoti New Member


    Thanks for the lead. I tried it, plus addons dectector, but neither found an app with a push addon. I deleted the latest app I installed, and I'll see if that was it.
  4. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    Could have been an one-time-push, so good luck :)

    Did you get your hijacked browser back?


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