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Pop3 downloading (and SMPT sending)

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  1. vkuehne

    vkuehne New Member This Topic's Starter

    Nov 27, 2010
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    Hi all, I have a question: I will be traveling, taking my laptop. Thunderbird is my main email client. There will not always be internet where I'm staying, but usually some wifi spots can be found when out and about. I don't always carry my laptop around in the cities (safety concerns/getting mugged, and the weight). On past trips, I used to carry Thunderbird portable on a stick in such situations and just find an internet cafe where I could pop my mails and send the ones I had written when offline (I'm very used to working on my mail while offline). This year first time I'll take my shiny Android, and I imagine there must be a solution (which I havent found yet). So all I want to do: go online with my phone, download my emails via pop3 (and if possible also send out a handful via smtp). Then when back to the main machine, pop the SD card from the phone in there and import the mail folder into Thunderbird (like I'd do with the portable TB one). Has anyone done this? Recommendations? Thanks for any ideas :)


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