pop3 email NOT working

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  1. chitouch

    chitouch Well-Known Member

    Set up was a breeze but cannot receive email. What it does is downloads mail I see it for a second then it disappears. I can send. I'm using MACDOCK and I have my own dot com (myname.com) plus with mail I did receive when I initially set it up cannot be deleted.

  2. xarophti

    xarophti Active Member

    Who hosts your domain? I'd check with them on incoming port settings. A number of ISPs of late are changing their settings because port 25 is just too vulnerable. Some don't think this affects mobile access but it can. I changed mine when my ISP told me to and have had no problems. Just a thought. I've also just let my phone run through the check settings screen (little bar scrolling) when i seem to not be getting my notifications. Seems to reset it.
  3. rbp

    rbp New Member

    its not the server settings. i see this problem all over including my trial period with T Mobile. POP3 does not see to work properly with Android or if it does, no one's talking. It works and then it stops. Bizarre. Called and double checked my server settings which almost never change.

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