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  1. Scifigeek4life

    Scifigeek4life Active Member

    Does anyone else have this problem with the speaker making a very loud popping crackling sound when using the microphone function in the Google search bar or even in the play store, its really getting on my nerves and its extremely loud especially when you have the volume up, its the only time it does this, does not do this in youtube video playback or music or on pandora or a music app. it just seems to happen with sounds related to Google, when you click the microphone and it makes the ding sound is when its starts doing it but if you click it a second time it goes away or sometimes it does not, its random but when it does happen its extremely loud and sounds like a broken speaker popping crackling sound. Maybe its just me but im ocd about stuff like this and its loud enough that it bothers me, I tested an m8 in the tmobile store on display and it did the same thing, I went to a 3rd tmobile store and did it to an M8 that must have not had the recent update because I noticed the boomsound icon did not appear at the top of the screen for that brief second when that sound was playing from the search bar, the ding that is, so im guessing its when the boomsound driver kicks in that it causes this horrible broken speaker sound, hopefully htc knows about this and fixes it soon, I called htc and reported it but I just get a grunt on the phone who writes up a report that doesn't go to anyone important, ive also tried to email them but they just send me a canned response about help on sound issues in the help section.

  2. hilker09

    hilker09 Well-Known Member

    I haven't had this problem. Wondering if you need a swap?
  3. SolApathy

    SolApathy Cleverness is not wisdom Guide

    Sorry to hear you are having this problem, coming from the Sprint variant I have not experienced this issue at all, nor have I seen any complaints in the forum regarding the issue. Perhaps some users that have T-Mobile can chime in on this
  4. toknitup420

    toknitup420 New Member

    The newest version of Google search has an audio enhancement to make the microphone beep louder. I just tested two separate versions to verify. Try removing the updates from Google search and re-test. Worked for me.

    Edit: I got it to pop again. It's definitely software related. No other app causes this.
  5. Andrewtst

    Andrewtst Well-Known Member

    Never face this issue. Suggest you visit the shop you purchase or service center.
  6. Gerrybean

    Gerrybean Member

    are u using the google voice search? All I can think about is something like Siri(iphone), if u plug your search from the bottom to top, it may call the "ok google" .

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