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Por favor, please help update 2.1!

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  1. cuervito91

    cuervito91 Active Member

    Hi good afternoon, my nickname is Little Crow and I need urgent help. Forgive but do not speak English very well, I'm from Argentina and I will do my best to make me understand.
    I tell you that I purchased in the U.S. the GT540 Optimus LG, unlocked and new Argentine, for use inside.
    Comes with Android OS 1.6 and wanted to know what I have to do to upgrade to version 2.1 and use it in Argentina without any problem. Pros and cons that I can get to be given from which the cell and where I'm going to use?
    I hope answers, I'll be aware of them. I wish I could help, I'll be very happy if so.
    Of course, thank you very much!
    Good year and happy holidays!

    Little Crow

    PS: If something is not understood, please ask me my answer them as quickly as possible!

  2. hitman87

    hitman87 Well-Known Member

    hope this thread helps you:

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