(Port) Behold 2 1.6 ( No Twiz w/ Busybox & Rooted Kernel )

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  1. laker666

    laker666 Well-Known Member

    so is this recommended of r8 galaxy?

  2. porter66062

    porter66062 New Member

    Ok.... I was just curious since the battery is at 20% right now and I know the icon set for the battery theme has a 0-40 as well. Good to know though :)
  3. izmeeh

    izmeeh Member

    I love Swype, but I need the standard QWERTY keyboard when typing in another language. How do I get it? This version doesn't seem to have it.
  4. laker666

    laker666 Well-Known Member

    hows the battery life?
  5. paul89

    paul89 Well-Known Member

    hell ya! :d
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  6. paul89

    paul89 Well-Known Member

    knowing that this is not galaxy rom...the sleep issue is completely gone, so it should be very good!
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  7. Fishfan

    Fishfan Well-Known Member

    figured out the youtube thing. Next question— How can i get RID of the rounded corners?
  8. laker666

    laker666 Well-Known Member

    when i browse for pda in odin it says no file exists....any ideas?
  9. paul89

    paul89 Well-Known Member

    unzip to your desktop, then click on PDA, then on the left choose desktop, then search for the unzipped folder!
  10. mat1151988

    mat1151988 Member

  11. laker666

    laker666 Well-Known Member

    i have to folder it just says no item fits my description.....should i re download the file?

    i mean i have the bh_man notwiz folder there is just nothing in it
  12. paul89

    paul89 Well-Known Member

    Sorry lol, but what is MetaMorph, is that an app in the market?
  13. paul89

    paul89 Well-Known Member

    even when odin is not open, and you double click on the folder on your desktop there is nothing in it?
  14. brmayhem

    brmayhem Well-Known Member

    I've noticed two bugs so far,

    -Whenever I select a name from my contacts I get a FC (android.process.acore)
    -Losing rooting privileges sometimes
  15. spiz

    spiz Well-Known Member

    There are quite a few regular keyboards out there. Find one, which will most likely be in the form of an .apk file. Download Astro File Manager and install it after you've dragged the .apk file to your SD card.
  16. mat1151988

    mat1151988 Member

    It's a program used to patch files on the phone. I've never used it personally but I'm pretty sure you can use it to replace the round edges.
  17. paul89

    paul89 Well-Known Member

    If you look at text and locale there is another keyboard in there, so long press on a place where you can enter text, and choose input method> the other keyboard!
  18. khunny7

    khunny7 Active Member

    Does anybody use fring, and works fine?
    I flashed this rom three times with totally wiping sdcard but fring voice call is still not working correctly.

    It automatically mutes the phone so I can't hear my friend's voice.
    It should mute icon on notification bar.
  19. paul89

    paul89 Well-Known Member

    I have an app that isn't working now either, it a flashlight app that uses the led light and the icon looks like a light bulb. Oh well luckily there is one other out there called moment flash

    I reinstalled and it works!
  20. LightofHonor

    LightofHonor Well-Known Member

    Very nice :)

    Two things. Is there a way to go back to the regular battery icon? or is this one more accurate?

    Also, Is there a way to keep the data icon from changing for the standard 1.6 and the green behold 2 one when in use?

    Thanks :) Great work as always :)
  21. exit

    exit Member

    payday's tomorrow, ill try to donate, thanks!
  22. thegame3202

    thegame3202 Well-Known Member

    Which is faster? Galaxy or this? And if I use titanium with a2sd on R8, will it install them all on the sd card again? Or on the phone itself?
  23. lviv73

    lviv73 Well-Known Member

    You said that you removed bloatware like fave5,if im correct your R8 1.6 Galaxy is stock android without bloatware.Whats the difference between this and R8?Why not R9?Thanx.
  24. WurrzMiKey

    WurrzMiKey Active Member

    This one isn't galaxy, it's the behold stock but 1.6
  25. LightofHonor

    LightofHonor Well-Known Member

    This one is based off of a different ROM image... everything works. The other is based on the Galaxy, where as this one was made for the Behold 2.

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