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  1. broskizzle

    broskizzle New Member

    i tried to connect my tb to my pc and i've done it before, but now when i plug it in to the tb it comes up on my pc that the htc sense sync port is not responding try unplugging wait 10 seconds and try again. and well, i did that but it keeps doing the same thing. anyone have a fix for me, i have a lot of stuff i want to transfer...thanks

  2. WormDoes

    WormDoes Well-Known Member

    Try rebooting your phone and PC.
  3. broskizzle

    broskizzle New Member

    i did and it still does the same thing. plus there is an update now for the sync and it won't dl the update, just keeps saying update failed...i was so pleased with the sync and htc but now i'm having major second thoughts bc i have a lot of things to transfer from pc to cell...

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