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  1. BH_MAN

    BH_MAN Well-Known Member

    New EUGENE373_PDA_FINAL Galaxy 1.6

    Number 1 RULE when Changing Rom's....
    1. FUlly Charge Before doing an ODIN....
    2. Let It Fully Die and Power Off & Charge Full while Off..
    3. When Possible, use 2G when not using Web & Market
    for longer Battery Life.

    4. Doing the above will Show major Improvements!

    ODIN Install Download link > [PORT] {Behold 2} Galaxy 1.6 on the Behold 2 r12 [5/11/2010] - AndroidSPIN Forums

    - Sleep Fixed By Drakaz
    - WiFi Fixed
    - WIFI Works after Coming out of Sleep!!!! ( Well, Does on mine )!
    - New Clock Widget Skin from HTC
    - Latest Kernel Mod with Memory Allocations Fixed
    - Auto Brightness Fixed
    - Older Recovery, with a2sd partitioning working again!
    - ( To mount /system in recovery ) mount -o rw, /dev/block/stl9 /system
    - ( To Mount /data in Recovery ) mount -o rw, /dev/block/stl14 /data
    - ( To mount /cache in recovery ) mount -o rw, /dev/block/stl12 /cache
    - ( To un-mount ) umount /system or / data or / Cache
    - Omx error's Fixed
    - Black Google Search Added
    - Power Control Widget theme Fixed
    - Mainly Bug Fixes, not Much the End User will Notice!

    ODIN Install Download link >BH_MAN_DONUT_R11.zip
    Kernel Update Download > Galaxy_BHMAN_UPDATE.tar

    Data File That Needs Placed On /sdcard > data.zip
    *CHANGE LOG for R11*

    - Major Bug Fix Update for R10.... UPDATE!!!
    - Kernel Revision 5
    - Increase Home App memory Allocation to 2048 ( was 1536 )
    - Replaced Busybox SH with the BH2 SH for Stabilty
    - Fixed a Few Scripts
    - Fixed Build.prop
    - Fixed Low Volume
    - Fixed a Few Conflicting Lib's
    - Updates to Bin
    - Likely stuff I'm forgetting, but we took a Speed hit in fixing these Problems.. Not much, but just a little...

    ODIN Install Download link > BH_MAN_DONUT_R10.zip
    Data File That Needs Placed On /sdcard > data.zip
    *CHANGE LOG for R10*
    - Dialer used From Drakaz Galaxy Build 1.6.3
    - New Launcher Skin & Wallpaper
    - New Keyboard
    - Playlogo is no longer Hi-Jacked
    - bhman Service in Kernel to Handle all A2SD & Root / Phone Boot-up
    - Battery Charge Animation Fix, Now anim charging until Charged
    - Galaxy Battery Fix
    - Full Adb Access
    - Full Security in Terminal, you have to SU to get # for Commands
    - Black 1.6 Power Control Widget
    - Cpu set Auto to 245MHz / 528MHz ( Min. / Max. )
    - Firstboot.sh with auto removal on first boot.
    - Battery Bin removed on init setup for Battery Calibration
    - Parts of 1.5 Bin's was Used to fix few Issues
    - 21 Lib's Removed
    - Cleaned Samsung App even further Down
    - Eclair Icon set
    - Stock Calculator added back
    - Updated Market
    - Updated Maps
    - Added IM into the Build. ( I use it )
    - HTC Style Weather Widget ( Need Data File Posted above and placed on /sdcard )
    - Build.prop now Sets LCD Display correctly at Boot
    - Build.prop Now sets Network class correctly for Speed Hack
    - Internet Speed Hack included & Fixed Visual Voice Mail Does not work due to this..
    - Busybox SH symlinked to /system/bin/sh
    - New Email App that Supports Exchange Servers
    - Kernel Revision 4 included
    - Recovery Bit Map errors Fixed.
    - Busybox SH in Recovery is Linked to /system/bin
    - Recovery Tools are held on /system/bhmanrecovery ( Don't Delete Folder or you Lose Recovery)
    - bhman script in /sbin of Recovery
    - bhman script in /system/bin ......This now Replaces the playlogo hi-jack
    - 1.5 Libs was used for some lib file to speed up Screen response
    - 1.5 bin's & Lib's was used to fix sensitivity issues
    - akmd2 from 1.5
    - Surficeflinger from 1.5
    - libsufaceflinger from 1.5
    - lib Audio Files From 1.5
    - im.jar Added to frameworks
    - App's de-odexed
    - stock Framework-res.apk
    - Not Working is Vibrate
    - Fully Optimized For the Behold 2 & Fast!!!

    ODIN Install Download link > BH_MAN_DONUT_R9.zip
    Keyboard FC Fix > LatinIME.apk
    That's it, all fixed :D

    * R9 Change Log *
    - Still JC6 Build
    - CPU Scalling is now set to 245MHz Min / 480MHz Max ( Lowered Max to save Battery Life ).
    - Includes Revision 4 Updated Kernel w/ adb working ( Now with Full Security )
    Revision 4 Kernel edit's Memory & CPU Power Edit's via the init.rc for Better Function over all.
    - SH is Replaced by Busybox SH
    - Battery Charge Animation Fixed to Keep Looping until at 100%
    - A2SD Recovery
    - Battery bin reset for better Calibration
    New Launcher & Look!
    - Internet Speed Hack
    - Framework-res.apk is Mostly Stock
    - There are still the Typical Bug's Regarding Sleep issue ( Reboot Phone after charging )
    - Now Works with MetaMorph
    - I dd my system image, if I forgot any App's, please Remove them or Pay for them.
    - There likely a Ton's I'm forgetting... Stayed up all Night Making R9.
    ( Again another No Sleep Night ).

    ODIN Install Download link > BH_MAN_DONUT_R8.zip
    If you want to Increase the Speed of this Build... use the Factory Anim.
    Thank you
    microhaxo for editing this. Make sd folder on /sdcard to fix Gallery FC if you get one
    Download Here > framework-res.apk
    To install the Fix, do the Follow Commands ( From Windows command promt )...
    Original Alram Clock App here > AlarmClock.apk
    To install the app, Do the Following Commands
    *BH_MAN_DONUT_R8* Change Log*
    - Still JC6 Build
    - CPU Scalling is now set to 128MHz Min / 528MHz Max
    - Sensor Fixed in Some App's Now. ( North is Now North :D )
    - Screen Freeze after Reset & Fresh Odin is now Fixed
    - Includes Updated Kernel w/ adb working( Will / Should Fix all the Root issue's )
    - New Recovery with ADB Access
    CompassCalibrate added.... Must Download Any Cut from Market to Use it!
    - New Music Player ( Very Cool imo )
    - Whole Build has Been Over Hauled regarding Looks. ( Thanks Darkstar )
    - There are still the Typical Bug's Regarding Sleep issue ( Reboot Phone after charging )
    - Ton of App's Removed
    - There likely a Ton's I'm forgetting... Stayed up all Night Making R8.

    ODIN Install Download link > BH_MAN_DONUT_R7.zip
    *BH_MAN_DONUT_R7* Change Log*
    - JC6 build
    Issue Regarding Sleep Bug..... = Charge Phone While Off for Now... or Reboot After Charging!
    - Auto CPU Scaling 245Mhz Min / 528Mhz Max (Not Recommended With SetCPU)
    - 1 Time Removal of batterystats.bin at Boot-up after install via firstboot.sh
    - New Default Home Screen. thx to manup456
    - New A2SD Script > http://androidforums.com/479255-post1.html
    - Must Wipe /system/sd/app-private first due to Permission Before Flashing
    - Firstboot.sh support added via /system/bin
    ( Attached Below So you can Run your Own Commands )
    - Major Clean-up of Left Behind BH2 files
    - Gallery FC Issue Fixed ( sd Folder is Automatically Created on sdcard now )
    - Safety Net Feature regarding Stale Dalvik-cache / app-private
    - ADB PUSH issue's Fixed
    - Permission Fixed ( Shouldn't Loose Root after Installing App's )
    - Minor Bugs Fixed
    - Notification bug Fixed
    - Swype FC fixed
    - Reboot Fixed inside of ADB
    - The Firstboot.sh Is already installed in R7, but goes into /system/bin & I attached the File for those knowing how to use Commands... Once command is Ran, the Script is Deleted... It's a Run-once .sh

    ODIN Install Download link > BH_MAN_DONUT_R6.zip
    *BH_MAN_DONUT_R6 with Auto a2sd* Change Log*
    - Based on JC6 Build Base
    - Removed Voice Search ( Not Working Correctly )
    - Removed App's the Can be Download From Market
    - Few Random Tweaks
    - WiFi sleep issue should be Fixed
    - the Text Msg bug is Due to Visual Voice Mail feature!
    - Changed the wake dropped on some key mapping's

    ODIN Install Download link > BH_MAN_DONUT_R5.zip
    *BH_MAN_DONUT_R5 with a2sd* Change Log*
    - Automatic App's 2 Sdcard enable if you Have ext2 partition! No swap Needed to work..
    - Must have ext 2 Partition on mmcblk0p2
    - Same as R4,
    - Gallery bug* Must Quickly Select All Pictures to Use.
    - USB Debugging must Be Enabled for Root to work!
    - No Vibrate
    - Voice Search Is Flaky & Don't work Most time

    ODIN Install Download link > BH_MAN_DONUT_R4.zip
    *BH_MAN_DONUT_R4* Change Log*
    - Mandatory Update from R3
    - Bug Fix Release.
    - Mms Fixed
    - Permission fixed
    - Likely Stuff I forgot.

    ODIN Install Download link > BH_MAN_DONUT_R3.zip
    *BH_MAN_DONUT_R3* Change Log*
    - Bug Fix Release.
    - Replaced Mms with Handcents
    - Removed Automatic TaskKiller
    - Fixed Build.prop.... If it's Not there in Market... Then it's Not Supported on 1.6!
    - Show's as a Behold II now.
    - ADB Push should now work..
    - Likely Stuff I forgot.

    ODIN Install Download link > BH_MAN_DONUT_R2.zip
    *BH_MAN_DONUT_R2* Change Log*
    - JC5 Base Build!
    - Few Lib''s Fixed
    - Few Bug's Fixed in system
    - Updated Mms.apk
    - Gallery Bug! ( You Must Tap on All Pictures to view w/o FC )
    - Battery Status Fixed
    - Voice Search ( Not work yet )
    - Sound Recorder
    - Voice Dialer
    - Battery Left
    - Astro
    - Automatic Task Killer
    - Desktop Clock
    - Titanium Backup
    * Root *
    To gain Root.... In terminal app or in Adb shell
    Type SU then enter...

    ODIN Install Download link > BH_MAN_DONUT_R1.zip
    *BH_MAN_DONUT_R1* Change Log*
    - Camera working
    - Camcorder working
    - Second Boot Screen Changed. ( Work of
    ChrisSoyars )
    - Permission Fixed on Bin
    - Fixed Cache in ODIN
    - Fixed Userdata in ODIN
    - Recovery No longer Hang's after Odin Flash
    - Few Lib's Changed
    - Few Bin's Changed
    - No Vibrate

    ODIN Install Download link >
    *1.6 Beta Change Log*
    - New 2.6.29 Kernel
    - Radio & Data Working
    - Wifi Working
    - Bluetooth Working
    - Pre installed Busybox
    - Working Speaker Phone
    - Root for App's
    - Root
    - 90 Ringtones
    - 45 Notifications
    - 13 Alarms
    - US by Default
    - New's & weather ( None Paid )
    - Better Terminal ( Old Free Edition )
    * Not working


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  2. tritran18518

    tritran18518 Well-Known Member

    woo hoo, excited ^^
    P/s: will we have new changes from firmware 1.6 ?
  3. paul89

    paul89 Well-Known Member

    i don't know what to say, I'm speechless!
  4. BH_MAN

    BH_MAN Well-Known Member

    I added Some Pictures in OP

    ... Trying to Get Sound working & radio ( Make & Receive calls )

    - No sound
    - Wifi Working
    - No Phone Calls in or Out.
    - Camera Almost working..

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  5. 2FR35H

    2FR35H Well-Known Member

    Good work BH_Man
  6. SoulCreator

    SoulCreator Well-Known Member

    Holy Crap Dude, that's freggin' awesome!
  7. paul89

    paul89 Well-Known Member

    once ported properly, would you be able to merge it with touchwiz again our would it not work be cause of the different OS version?
  8. ScrumHalf

    ScrumHalf Active Member

    Awesome, just absolutely awesome. Thanks for all your efforts!
  9. spiz

    spiz Well-Known Member

    BH_MAN > Samsung/TMobile
  10. BH_MAN

    BH_MAN Well-Known Member

    I'm just going to Upload What I got..... You will need to Flash the Kernel after you so the system yauff

    You Must Follow the Directions to a T or it won't Boot....
    This is mainly for Dev... Need Help with it... Not going to be able to work on it tomorrow, as I'm putting hardwood floor in the Babies room tomorrow.

    2:43am & I have to be up at 7am... Man I'm going to be Tired lol....
  11. BH_MAN

    BH_MAN Well-Known Member

    Link Posted...

    Had wrong system.img Posted, It's Fixed now & Linked to the Correct 1.6 now :)

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  12. brmayhem

    brmayhem Well-Known Member

    You're the man, BH_MAN
  13. aznknightz17

    aznknightz17 Well-Known Member

    lol You never cease to bring surprises to the BH2 community. Thanks dude.
  14. kkarlin

    kkarlin Well-Known Member

    I tried this and ran into the following issue. I was using the new Updated UVJA3 ROM with Root. When I ran wipe data, I got an error deleting a file stating that I didn't have permission. I continued on anyway and completed the remaining steps with out issue. After ODIN of the new kernel, the phone hung at the TMO applause screen. I ODIN back to UVJA3 and tried again, this time all kinds of files can't be deleted. I thought that the UVJA3 ODIN files included Root, but it doesn't appear to. what am I missing?
  15. kam187

    kam187 Well-Known Member

    Hmm you'll need to run try3 to get root first and then remount /system firt.

    The kernel included probably has root, but you flash that last.

    If you're kernel/setup already has root, then you wont need to use try3 first.
  16. shawn1224

    shawn1224 Ex CEO-DNPSEA foundation VIP Member

    With 1.6 you get

    - Google Navigation
    - Goggle Goggles
    - Preview apps in Market
    - Built in power manager widget
    - More apps only compatible w/1.6 & higher
    - Seperate camera, download, camcorder and 3rd party apps gallery.
    - Text to speech synthesis

    And all around less buggier than Cupcake
  17. chadmd23

    chadmd23 Well-Known Member

    Don't forget working Google Sky Maps and Gesture search. ;)
  18. paul89

    paul89 Well-Known Member

    google maps doesnt work for you? Mine works perfectly!
  19. chadmd23

    chadmd23 Well-Known Member

    Sky maps doesn't draw the constellations. And now that i think of it, 1.6 Google maps gets layers.
  20. paul89

    paul89 Well-Known Member

    yes it does, your talking about the drawing the stars together to make different shapes? Everything in sky maps is workin on my behold 2:confused:
  21. chadmd23

    chadmd23 Well-Known Member

    haha, just went to re-download it, and one of the bug fixes for the latest version is "Support for Samsung Behold".

    Thanks, and its finally getting nice enough to check out the stars!
  22. spinwizard

    spinwizard Active Member

    Well it's not a phone anymore :rolleyes: no problem! Lovin' the progress. It is 1.6 and works, less the phone. Another barrier overcome. Well done. Returning my phone back to the updated, stock, no twiz. Patiently awaiting the next breakthrough. ;)
  23. spiz

    spiz Well-Known Member

    Hey BH_MAN..

    I was at the TMo store today to replace my wife's sim card. We got to talking about our phones (he has the MT3G), and in the process, I mentioned that you had this 1.6 thing in the works.

    Well he proceeded to tell me that someone had come into the store the other day with a BH2 flashed with 2.1. He said the phone was essentially worthless in that it couldn't make calls or anything, but that it was still 2.1 according to the info in 'About Phone'.

    Think it was made up? Or are there people out there getting close to this? I figured if anyone was able to do this, it'd be you, so that's why I ask.
  24. kkarlin

    kkarlin Well-Known Member

    Got 1.6 up and running. Seems stable and FAST. Flashing back to no TWIZ...

  25. chadmd23

    chadmd23 Well-Known Member

    I may be wrong, but I think its fairly easy to install any OS onto the phone to get non-radio capability (I mean if you sort of understand what you are doing) but the drivers that control the phone chip, etc. is the tough part. If you check out the gaosp, they have it installed, its just getting the drivers running. So I'm pretty sure the guy probably did have it installed like he said. Only wish he was here to help contribute!

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