( Port ) Galaxy 1.6 on the Behold 2 Final

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  1. shawn1224

    shawn1224 Ex CEO-DNPSEA foundation VIP Member

    BH_MAN is there anyway to get metamorph to work with this rom.

    I tried installing but I keep getting an error "some files could not be extracted and setup. Please make sure you have enough free space in /system and that busybox is installed"

    I know we have busybox so I don't think that's the problem ... any ideas?

  2. jyjuke

    jyjuke New Member

    I just have a simple question. I've been following along in the thread and i was just wondering if you need to odin back to stock BH2 before doing this. I am currently running stock without touchwiz by BH_MAN but I'm away from my computer so I'm unable to do this yet.
  3. shawn1224

    shawn1224 Ex CEO-DNPSEA foundation VIP Member

    No you can ODIN this rom from any state that you're in.
  4. Mastermind278

    Mastermind278 Well-Known Member

    BH_Man, is this port based on JC4 or JC5 from the Galaxy?

    I know that JC5 is out for the galaxy... http://androidforums.com/samsung-i7500/55277-xejc5-out.html

    I am asking due to the Galaxy having the "no-sleep bug"... Looking at battery status it looks like it has hardly been sleeping... but that might be because I am just fiddling around and enjoying the 1.6.
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  5. Ohgami

    Ohgami Well-Known Member

    Its mlb at bat. I wonder why it is not showing.
  6. BH_MAN

    BH_MAN Well-Known Member

    Sorry guys... It was based off JC1.
    I'll Update it when I get time to a Newer Version...

    Regarding Metamorph...

    Open MetaMorph...
    Take out zip & zipalign and cat the to /system/bin. Once you do that you will need to
    For metamorph to Run.
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  7. BH_MAN

    BH_MAN Well-Known Member

    Just Got the File Finished Downloading... I'll try and Have the JC5 version out by tonight for everyone...

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  8. paul89

    paul89 Well-Known Member

    wow cool, how will the newer version help us, I hope it shows my apps that were missing from market!
  9. BH_MAN

    BH_MAN Well-Known Member

    Well that's just a build.prop issue that I can fix easy.
    There was bug's in the older version ( sleep isssue ) & a few others now I can't remember.

    I've not had a peek into it yet, but it should fix alot of issue's though.
  10. paul89

    paul89 Well-Known Member

    k sweet, also it there a way you can throw in advanced launcher in your next release?

    once those things are fixed, vibrate will be are only issue, which there is an app out there somewhere that fixes it :( this rom will be near perfect!
  11. ericjwill

    ericjwill Well-Known Member

    Has anyone noticed static on all white or gray screens?
  12. BH_MAN

    BH_MAN Well-Known Member

    advanced launcher? Why.

    Just download it from the Market.
  13. megabiteg

    megabiteg Well-Known Member

    This can be due to changes on the screen driver? I have noticed it too.
  14. paul89

    paul89 Well-Known Member

    o ok lol, i didnt know that it was in the market!
  15. Ohgami

    Ohgami Well-Known Member

    I installed advanced launcher and it did a loop fc. Had to hit home button and quickly hit normal launcher.
  16. BH_MAN

    BH_MAN Well-Known Member

    Did you download the Version that Said Donut? I'm using it right now without Problems... If you download the Original it will FC & loop.
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  17. bluey123

    bluey123 Well-Known Member

    Where can i get odin from?
  18. paul89

    paul89 Well-Known Member

  19. Ohgami

    Ohgami Well-Known Member

    Duh I was in a hurry i thought it said donate since the last part is cut off.
  20. yatimameiji

    yatimameiji Well-Known Member

    Wow thats great. Though when you says Camera is working, is that the stock android camera app or the nicer behold II camera app?
  21. megabiteg

    megabiteg Well-Known Member

    Its the stock android app for now.
  22. paul89

    paul89 Well-Known Member

    stock camera, the only plus to stock camera is that it takes pictures really fast!
  23. openupshop

    openupshop Member

    Any progress on getting vibrate to work?
  24. paul89

    paul89 Well-Known Member

    I hear ya, I like having vibrate, because there are other uses for it than just notifications. My phone feels weird without it.
  25. BH_MAN

    BH_MAN Well-Known Member

    Voice Search Seems to be Fixed Now after Doing a Few Edit's to it..
    Over all build is Much faster regarding Launcher speed...

    still more Tweaks need to be Done, Will post back later.

    Unless I say I get Vibrate working, consider it to never work to eliminate Questions regarding this.
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