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  1. RodBsr

    RodBsr Active Member

    anyone port a number out of google voice and into metropcs?

    issues or problems?

    time it took?

  2. Necromonger89

    Necromonger89 Active Member

    What do you mean? Like porting your actual Google Voice number and using it on Metro PCS???? I don't think that's how Google Voice works. Google Voice has its own phone number(that you get). You can then set up multiple phones with your GV account. When someone calls your GV number all phones you set up with GV will be called at the same time. Same thing goes for text.

    Google Voice is meant to ease the burden of having multiple numbers for small businesses. All you would have to do is give your customers 1 number and when they call it, the call will be forwarded to all your company's phones and any cell phones you may have. Its really cool and all free. Plus it has a cool voice mail service that actually transcribes voice mail messages and you can read them as text.

    I've had a Google Voice account since its inception. I use it to text friends all the time from my tablets(that have no mobile data, only wifi). Or for my girlfriend so that she can always find me (home or on the go).


    Hope this answered your question.
  3. RodBsr

    RodBsr Active Member

    I guess in my effort to just keep things simple I confused people.

    I have four google voice numbers used for various things.

    I'm adding a new line with MetroPCS

    Recycled numbers that come with a new line many times are numbers that are on every spam and scam list there is so one starts getting a LOT of calls they do not want.

    I do not need one of my google voice numbers anymore but it's a "clear" number meaning it never gets calls I don't want so it would be a good number to have the new cell phone connected to. THAT is why I want to port out of google voice to a new cell line. So I do not get all those scams and spam calls with a new number that could have been someone's land line number before I got it.

    I know you CAN port a google number out... help says so. I just wanted to know someone's experience in doing so... if there were any issues or problems and how long it took. I know some have problems with some things while others do not and I just wanted stories from others on this.

    Google voice has served me well... I don't want to waste a good number so I wanted to port it into my new upcoming cell.

  4. MyUsernameRox

    MyUsernameRox Well-Known Member

    I just want to know how to use a Google Voice number to block unwanted calls/texts because not one of the shitty apps I have ever tried from Google play has ever worked in blocking texts or calls.

    I do not want to port a Google Voice number to my phone because it seems complicated and from what I read you have to pay 20 dollars.

    No matter how much time I spend reading about the subject I never seem to be able to understand it.
  5. Necromonger89

    Necromonger89 Active Member

    OH! Okay, I didn't know you could port a Google Voice number. Can you use another number for that account? I only have one Google Voice number (yes I only have one gmail). I never thought about porting [my Google Voice number] to a cellphone carrier.
  6. RodBsr

    RodBsr Active Member

    Yes you can port a google number out.
    Port your number out of Google Voice - Google Voice Help
    Port your number out of Google Voice

    Your Google Voice number is automatically locked to prevent it from being ported out without your consent. Before you can port your Google Voice number to another service provider you must first unlock it.
    There is a one time $3 fee to port your number away from Google Voice. For users who ported their mobile numbers into Google Voice, the fee is waived.
    To unlock your number simply:

    1. Go to www.google.com/voice/unlock and sign into your Google Voice account.
    2. If you only have one Google Voice number click Unlock my number underneath your Google Voice number. If you have more than one number, select the number you wish to port away from the drop down menu and then click Unlock my number.
    3. Click Continue to confirm that you wish to unlock your number.
    4. Sign into Google Wallet to complete your port out process.
    Once you're done your Google Voice number is ready to be ported out.
    You can then initiate the port with your new service provider (you can use your Google Voice number as your account number).
    If you initiate the port before unlocking your number, the port will be blocked and we will email you with the unlocking instructions.
    If you've changed your mind about porting your number, you can re-lock your number:

    1. Go to www.google.com/voice/unlock and sign into your Google Voice account.
    2. Click Relock my number underneath your Google Voice number.
    3. Click Continue to confirm that you wish to relock your number.
    You can always unlock your number again after relocking it (you will not have to pay the $3 fee twice). However, the relock option will not be available if Google Voice has received a port out request from an external carrier (e.g. if you begin the port out process with a carrier such as Verizon or AT&T, relocking your number will not cease the process).
  7. RodBsr

    RodBsr Active Member

    What I guess I could do is if the new number I get with a new line from MetroPCS IS a number that is on every spam list in the world... just have my voice mail message be the old "we're sorry, the number you have dialed has changed. the new number is..." then add the google voice number so everyone calls that and I can block the spam there and hope they don't catch on and just stop calling.
  8. unnamedny

    unnamedny Well-Known Member

    why not just call metro? if you can, just unlock you number for 3 bucks and do it.

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