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  1. afl777

    afl777 Active Member

    I've been browsing about for a portable battery/solar powered battery charger for my Gallaxy Apollo.

    During the summer I am out and about, and I am also disabled and need to know that I have back-up for the phone should I need it....and we all know that with these phones a few emails and a bit of browsing and back up is quite often needed....:)

    I have considered carrying my old phone about with me in the van, but that kinda defeats the object of having a new phone in the first place.....and a couple of hours at night in my van browsing the forums will no doubt knock the battery off after a couple of days. I could have a car charger, but very often the van is parked up and doesn't move for a few days so I'd just drain the van battery.

    I got a Freeloader, but not only has it not got an end to fit the Gallaxy, but I don't think it will do the job very well.

    I've looked at some that have batteries in, and to be honest I wouldn't mind taking the odd battery out with me if it means that my phone keeps going.

    Has anyone got any recommendations before I throw good money away....cos I have to watch what I spend.

    Ang x

  2. mrsflinty

    mrsflinty Member

    you can get whats called a Amzer
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  3. afl777

    afl777 Active Member

    Thanks for the reply...:):)

    I've been looking at one called a Power Monkey which seems to have good reviews.

    Has anyone heard of this one?

    Ang x
  4. afl777

    afl777 Active Member

    The Power Monkey has arrived and unpacked seems a nice bit of kit.

    There is a connection for the Apollo which fits into the top charging slot.

    There are quite a few other connectors provided and also mains and USB and solar charging options.

    I'm waiting now for my phone to run down so I can try this to see how it performs....but wouldn't you know it's the only time my battery is holding onto a charge for grim death...lol...;)

    I'll post unbiased results of use here later so it might help anyone else who is looking at finding some portable way of charging when camping or whatever.

    Ang x
  5. afl777

    afl777 Active Member

    A day later and I'm still waiting.....hours of browsing, emails, txts, phone calls....and still the battery won't run down.

    Two days is the norm, and it's three now....typical just cos I want to try the charger eh....:rolleyes:

    Ang x
  6. afl777

    afl777 Active Member

    Ok....an unbiased report, including my daftness... :rolleyes:;)

    Late last night the phone gave up, so being over excitable I decided to plug the Monkey into it. The Monkey showed 4 bars of power and the phone was all but dead.

    My daftness.....I read through the instructions and there was nowhere where it said to fully charge before use, and so I stupidly thought that it was charged already. And as I'd taken my specs off by the time I looked at the pictures of the charger I didn't see how many bars should be there... :rolleyes:

    Of course I couldn't leave it overnight unattended cos I'd have been whittling about it all night, so I took the whole lot up the my bedside table.

    It took 2 hours to charge, and then the small battery icon on the Monkey started to flash and the main screen was down to one bar. At this point I had forgotten what I'd read and thought I'd best unplug it from the phone as it might be that all the power was used.

    Turned the phone on and it was 3/4 full, and is still 3/4 this morning. I was quite pleased with that cos at least one go of the Monkey would get me through a journey with a usable phone.

    However, with specs on this morning I looked at the instruction's pictures again and saw that a full Monkey should have 7 bars on the main screen not 4.

    So....a just over half full Monkey will charge a smartphone 3/4 full.

    A full Monkey would do a full charge and maybe a bit more. I would imagine that a 'normal' phone would have a couple of charges out of a full one.

    So if anyone is looking for something to take camping this is it...:):)

    Ang x
  7. glurta

    glurta Active Member

    Thanks for the review, Ang, just bought one on your recommendation.
  8. afl777

    afl777 Active Member

    Charged it up from the mains and the instructions say it will take 3.5hrs from the mains.

    If it is really dead it will take 5.5 hrs.

    I was a bit concerned that the red light hadn't gone out at 3.5 hrs, so instead of my usual panic and unplug it I browsed and found a very helpful write up on it, which the guy said 5.5 hrs from totally empty so not to worry. At just over 5 hrs the red light turned green....job done.

    The carry case is sturdy and quite well made, zip round top, and it will hold the solar panel, the Monkey, the pack of tips at the bottom and the mains charger.....always useful to keep the mains charger with it just in case there is power at a holiday stop over.

    I'm sure you will be happy with it glurta...:)

    (What I didn't put is that I did get a Freeloader sent from a store only to find it quite flimsy and not too good. I sent it back and got a refund which hit the bank just as the Monkey was delivered. I didn't feel the Freeloader would do any sort of good job on the Apollo which has a larger battery. Ok, maybe for a 'normal' phone it would be fine, but not for a smartphone.)

    Ang x
  9. glurta

    glurta Active Member

    Opted for the simple mains charge the Power Monkey then charge your phone option. Live in UK so solar version a waste of time!
  10. afl777

    afl777 Active Member

    Apparently you can buy the solar part separatly if needed.

    I first saw just the Monkey and was going for that, but then saw a good deal on ebay for both, so I got them both cos being disabled I need a phone that is powered just in case I break down etc, and the solar part might come in handy one day.

    I have a Nexus hands free which is solar powered, or it can be charged by USB and that always charges up in the sun.

    However, I don't leave the Nexus in the van scorching hot to melt or for the battery in it to overheat ....cos most things I have left on the dash in the past have got scorching hot.....only got to touch the steering wheel to find that out eh....lol...:)

    And the Monkey and solar panel have to be connected to charge in the sun, so I wouldn't be leaving the battery Monkey on the dash to frizzle...loads of room and sun on my front seat with the Monkey part covered to stop it getting over hot....but not such a hot location as the dash, and that does the Nexus just fine....:)
    Ang x
  11. glurta

    glurta Active Member

    Thanks for the tips. Didn't realise the solar bits could be bought and attached afterwards. Could be useful if global warming ever shows its face in my neck of the woods!
  12. afl777

    afl777 Active Member

    Maybe it will need global warming to run a panel, but I live in high hopes of it being ok with the sun that we have...and I'm in the very sunny Midlands...:)

    Yes I saw the panel on the PM website, although maybe dearer on there, might pay to shop around.

    But all in all I am quite impressed, and I as I look for bad bits when I buy anything, I must say that I honestly haven't found anything that Im not pleased with...:)
    Ang x
  13. glurta

    glurta Active Member

    Well, no wonder it works if you're that far south...positively Saharan compared to my home town of Newcastle.
    Solar charger will work up here on August 26 every year. That's our summer.

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