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  1. vja4Him

    vja4Him Well-Known Member

    Does anyone have a portable charger/battery pack for their tablet?

    I'm trying out my Tekkeon ... So far, it seems to be charging my Archos 70 IT 250GB ...

    Sure enough, I just checked the battery. The Tekkeon is charging my Archos.

  2. vja4Him

    vja4Him Well-Known Member

    I'm surprised that after sitting in my dresser for several months, this Tekkeon charged my Archos 70 IT 250GB from 68% to 100% in about one hour! My other Tekkeon was completely dead, so I'm charging it up again.
  3. Vipfreak

    Vipfreak Well-Known Member

    I have an Energizer XP18000.
  4. CarsnGadgets

    CarsnGadgets Well-Known Member

    I use a veho pebble for my Desire, havent tried it on my 101 yet, but it should work fine.

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