ported pc games, sandbox games and rpgs?

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  1. mosher66

    mosher66 Member

    ok first let me just clarify the rpgs part. as i have seen alot of questions asking for android rpgs, i am looking for a good rpg like sacred gold on pc or like skyrim, if theres nothing like these any type of action rpg would do but im looking for preferablly 3d ones but 2d will do, i already know about the following:

    all gamevil ones, earth and legend (STOP TRYING TO BLEED PLAYERS DRY TROUGH OVERPRICED DLC AFTER PAYING 7 EURO FOR THE GAME!) and crusade of destiny, i dont want mmo's

    now for the pc ported ones, i was wondering are there any good ported pc games, they can range from flash web player games (like cover orange, have that installed) to buyable ones like virtual villagers (which i know is on android) also any other console ports from ps2 or beyond (exlcuding gta3 have it and ff3 have it too) and also i was wondering is virtual villagers 4 any good compaired to the pc one? like is it an actual port or just a watered down version?

    also any sandbox (do whatever you want style games i dont classify games like gta as sandbox just open world) besides minecraft clones.

  2. Rhone

    Rhone Well-Known Member

    Aralon: Sword and Shadow is, IMO, currently the best 3D open world RPG on Android (and there's no IAP!). It's only in Amazon's app store for some reason.

    Pirates and Traders, and Star Traders RPG come to mind as quality sandbox games.
  3. ExtremeNerd

    ExtremeNerd Well-Known Member

    What device are you playing Aralon on? That game looks epic, but many of the reviews say their devices aren't working correctly. Most of them are older hardware, so hoping my GS3 would work. It looks to be well worth the $7
  4. Rhone

    Rhone Well-Known Member

    I've played Aralon quite a bit on my Galaxy Nexus with no problems, so a GS3 should handle it fine.
  5. mosher66

    mosher66 Member

    is star trader not online? because i cant do online games, also im in ireland where they dont sallow use of the amazon app store for some reason so sadly for now aralon remains a no-no >.>

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