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Ported to Sprint: Possible Mistake of my life

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  1. LaZeR

    LaZeR Well-Known Member

    So several days ago I talked myself into switching to Sprint and getting the HTC EVO 4G LTE to replace my aging DroidX and also picked up the girlfriend an LGE Evolve. I also got talked into their "Home Connect" device to save $100 off the HTC EVO 4G LTE by adding this 3rd line and since I hadn't had need for a landline anymore and had dropped that long ago since my coverage with Verizon Wireless was so stellar even within my home.

    So the Home connect is still being shipped to me as the Kiosk store didn't have it in stock. Here comes the kicker. My home phone reception sucks! I drop multiple calls daily and never complete one without a drop. I get 1 bar average, 2 bars max even without moving around in the house. WE (The Sprint Agent & I) had both checked my coverage areas of concern, house, work, girlfriends, and all showed as either fair/good to excellent with my work area being Excellent. Funny thing is I'm stuck on roaming whilst at work.

    Things tried as per many calls back to the original Sprint Kiosk store & Sprint CS:

    -Updated PRL
    -Updated Profile
    -Switched to CDMA Only instead of LTE/CDMA
    -Changed "Roaming" mode to Sprint Only

    Nothing is helping.

    Spoke with the first CS agent at Sprint named Brittany on Friday then again briefly on Saturday (Yesterday). She was super helpful and understanding and mentioned an AirAve device of which she felt strongly I would qualify for at no charge even though I'm only 3 days into contract. Dropped a couple calls with her that day and she called me back promptly although she failed to on Saturday when Ironically she said she was about to read me a confirmation number from her supervisor on getting one of these devices shipped out to me to boost my in-home signal and give me the SPRINT experience without dropped-calls and shitty reception/garble, ect...

    Now it gets interesting, since she failed to call me back yesterday, I get back on the *2 and speak with various agents the rest of that evening getting very different resolutions and options. One agent even tells me that new customers are never offered or given such a device (AirAve) until 90 days. I tell her that is unacceptable since I only have 10 days left to decide if I'm staying with Sprint. She was in the process of transferring me to her supervisor when -another dropped call... I finally get back in touch with someone totally different again who juts makes excuses and tells me the first agent (Brittany) should have never even hinted at me getting an AirAve device and that it's simply chocked up at some reps just doing their own thing in an attempt to look good by retaining a customer. This rep also strongly encouraged me to more or less take my business elsewhere since their service didn't seem to be right for me.

    So here I am, caught in the mix of being more patient and proactive and continuing to hold out that Sprint will come through and the AirAve will solve the problem in-home (but then what about the roaming issue at work in a so-called Green area?) OR should I just chock up my losses and crawl back to Verizon and their no longer unlimited data plans which is one of the main things I left over along with their slowly dissolving (New every 2) now break even with the discount of -$30 but upgrade fee of +$30?

    Another options of course is AT&T which shows Excellent in my areas BUT their costs seem just as bad if not worse than Verizon.

    T-Mobile I tried years ago and gave up on them after one day when I realized their coverage didn't reach more than 1 mile off the Interstate Highway that is near my town. :rolleyes:

    What to do.... Any Suggestions? :smokingsomb:

  2. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    My suggestion... get out while you can. It's not magically going to get better.

    You've got that 14 day window for a reason. :)
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  3. LaZeR

    LaZeR Well-Known Member

    Oops. Had a bit of trouble finding my post(s) :D

    Sorry about that to the board admins/mods. As I posted this in a frantic mood to both the Sprint & Verizon boards respectively.

    Anyhoo, I have contacted Verizon "Winback" dept. Getting back with them in a couple days as soon as my new phones ship out and I can't feel any happier at the moment! :smokingsomb:

    Not trying to slam Sprint, but their CS could have treated me much better and for me, their coverage just couldn't touch Verizon's in my area, not to mention I will not benefit with LTE 4G coverage!

    On a positive note: The Kiosk rep for Sprint treated me very nice and tried her best to rectify the situation. Unfortunately the responses by CS along with the actual experience of dropped calls, roaming, and poor general reception in my area had already made up my mind.

    So back to BIG RED.... :car:

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