Porting to Google Voice: a good idea?

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  1. paroots

    paroots Well-Known Member

    I've heard that porting one's number to Google Voice might be a good idea if you are considering the change of carriers. Also, we're with Straight Talk on the AT&T network and I've read that they can cancel your account if you exceed some amount of data usage. If that were to happen you would lose your number. My question is how would the phone work if your number were ported to Google Voice? I believe that incoming calls would be forwarded from Google Voice to your phone, but what about outgoing calls? Does the recipient see your actual phone's number or the Google Voice number? Also, do things like MMS work if the messages are passing through Google Voice? Also, does Google Voice use VOIP in which case call quality could be affected by the internet?

  2. aysiu

    aysiu Well-Known Member

    Well, it means you won't have a new number to give out to all your friends and family. But it also means you will actually have a number to redirect Google Voice to (if you port without changing carriers, people will call your Google Voice number, and your cell phone won't ring, because there's nothing to ring--that number's been ported to GV).
    As I stated above, porting without changing carriers means you would lose your number. You'd basically have to sign up for a new number at AT&T or Google Voice would ring nothing. Not sure how easy a process that is.
    Depends on how you have it set up. One of the nice things about most Android phones is that you can get full Google Voice integration. If you choose this in settings, you can make it so all outgoing calls you dial display your Google Voice number (you cannot do this on the iPhone--only calls made directly through the Google Voice app will display your GV number there).
    Are those the text messages with pictures in them? No, they don't work in GV.
    No, Google Voice is a call routing service, not traditional VOIP. You can get GV to use VOIP if you install an app like GrooVeIP, though.
  3. paroots

    paroots Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I should have been clearer. In the event I ported my existing number to Google Voice (GV), I would activate a new Straight Talk SIM and receive a new number to which Google Voice would forward all calls. Of course, I would do the same when switching to any carrier (ie, get a new number to which GV forwards calls). It would not matter that I kept getting new numbers because everyone sees only the Google Voice number and I don't have to worry about losing my current number should Straight Talk cancel my account.

    That's good news. I didn't realize that Android phones were special in that regard.

    Yes, MMS is like SMS, but with picture/video capability. That would kill the deal for us since we do quite a bit of MMS with family. I vaguely remember reading that some time ago, but now that we have an Android phone from Google I thought things might have changed. Do you know of a good write-up describing GV capabilities and limitations? The stuff from Google is no good since they don't mention the limitations:)

    KENNECTED Well-Known Member

    This is not entirely true. If the person is also on sprint, you can have see the pictures in email, if you have forwarding set up.

    Google Voice Blog: First steps Towards MMS support

    Also, if you are using the stock messaging app and a person on sprint sends you an MMS, the pictures show up.

    paroots please visit the google voice website for more information
  5. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Easiest thing to do would just get a GV number and attach it to your GV account, therefore, you can give your GV number out for the rest of your life, regardless of whether you switch carriers :)

    GV works nice too because you can get Texts and Call via the number, especially when it comes to texts, since they are free over Wifi and 3G (Data costs apply).

    I am with Verizon but have a GV number that i give out to everyone, no one even knows my VZW number. This means i dont have to pay for texting through VZW because they all come through Wifi/Data without adding onto my texting bill. This saves me like 20$/m

    GV is a good addition to your phone, but remember to be very careful if getting rid of certain things on your plan, like texting, there is an easy way to incur charges and I dont want to see you getting screwed over :D
  6. chumpster

    chumpster New Member

    I ported to Google Voice a few years back and am very happy. Since then I went from contract, to pre-pay on T-Mobile, then ditched them for Straight Talk. Google Voice gives me the choice to switch easily and is seamless on an Android phone with their app. I like international dialing at low rates and also keeping all my text messages and being able to text from my desktop. Love it!
  7. chumpster

    chumpster New Member

    Don't forget VoIP is not regulated like wired/wireless. Ask a VoIP user if they can LNP / port their number elsewhere, from their provider! That being said I did read that you can port out a number that GV assigns you. However, if you port in, you can port out.
  8. DonB

    DonB ♡ Spidey Sense !! ♡ ™ Moderator

    One other thing to keep in mind with all the suggestions listed above, if GV decides to start charging for there service somewhere along the line, or cancel the GV service, which is possible, then you will have to either port again or get a new number. Just another wrinkle to keep in mind. ;)
  9. adaaaam

    adaaaam Well-Known Member

    All MMS's sent to a Google Voice number is automatically forwarded to your Gmail as an email with attachments, and you will receive a nice notification of it
    GV is very much like a traditional VOIP, with call routing an equally important feature of the service. From gmail.com on your browser, you can place VOIP calls to any domestic # for free, making it better than Skype (call recipients need not have a GV account). GrooVe IP is indeed how you would enable that same VOIP functionality on an Android device
  10. paroots

    paroots Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I've got the gsm version of Galaxy Nexus so Sprint is not an option. As mentioned, I've visited the Google site, but everything is roses. I read nothing about limitations.
  11. paroots

    paroots Well-Known Member

    Thanks. If I understand you correctly we're in the opposite situation where text is unlimited, but we have a soft cap of 2GB on Data. If MMS is not supported, then I would have to disqualify GV.
  12. paroots

    paroots Well-Known Member

    We're also on Straight Talk using AT&T towers. Can you do MMS and if so, how? That seems to be the only serious limitation I've heard about.
  13. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Honestly, I have unlimited data with Verizon, I probably do like 3k texts a month roughly, i have only used up 150MB of data this month, because primarily I am on wifi for texts, i figured out why i couldnt move to a VOIP or SIP provider because i primarily make calls on 3G/4G LTE in the car, and moving the reception goes in and out and i really need that reliability.

    Hope this helps :)
  14. paroots

    paroots Well-Known Member

    That wouldn't work for me since we use SMS/MMS in a near real time fashion. Sure wish they could handle MMS in the normal way. Also, we also require group SMS/MMS in which we're in a group and our replies go out to the group. For this reason we gave up the stock app and selected Go SMS Pro.

  15. paroots

    paroots Well-Known Member

    Yup, as mentioned you're in the opposite situation. On Straight Talk we have unlimited text, but a soft cap on data. We're already up to nearly 2GB and the month isn't over yet. Even with that much 3g Data, we're using much more WiFi. Guess I've learned that GV won't work for me due to the lack of true MMS support.
  16. adaaaam

    adaaaam Well-Known Member

    Actually all texting to your GV is virtually realtime, and I can't remember the last time I received an mms but i think the txt portion shows up in your gv app as part of the thread, with a link to the media in your email, and the Gmail app notified me immediately iirc. So at best it is still threaded and at worst is not but GV messaging is virtually realtime
  17. paroots

    paroots Well-Known Member

    Thanks. As mentioned, we do group MMS with iMessage running on iPhones. Hope someone can address this issue.
  18. bob60626

    bob60626 Well-Known Member

    VOIP really isn't an option; primarily due to battery concerns and secondarily due to data plan concerns. It'll be a while at best til I switch over on a phone.
  19. paroots

    paroots Well-Known Member

    The issue has come down to the way MMS works, if at all, using GV. Has anyone direct experience using MMS with GV especially in a group? By group I mean you send messages to the group and replies from any member of the group goes to all members simultaneously. We use Go SMS Pro which supports SMS and MMS in a group.

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