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Possible bug with the dialer and launcherpro?

  1. Mark27

    Mark27 Well-Known Member

    If I swipe right on a contact, make a call, but exit out of the call window and hit the dialer, it doesn't show the current phone call. It just shows the default dialer. The only way for me to exit a phone call is to use the drop down menu.

    I do not know what causes this problem, but I did have an awkward phone call where the other person, someone I haven't talked to in years, had to hang up on me.

  2. Mark27

    Mark27 Well-Known Member

  3. heybk

    heybk Well-Known Member

    so if you hit the dialer with touchwiz the current call comes up?
  4. Mark27

    Mark27 Well-Known Member

    No dial makes my current call come up. I can only end it with the drop down menu.
  5. Mark27

    Mark27 Well-Known Member

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