Possible connection laptop with phone?

  1. GreekGamer7

    GreekGamer7 Member

    I wanted to ask if there is a possibility to connect my phone with laptop and play games!!I don't know much about SmartPhones yet so if i'm sounding weird let me know...Ive seen many guys in youtube playing Pocket Legends at their laptop thats why im asking...Ty for reading!!All advises are acceptable

  2. If your phone has an hdmi output with hdmi mirroring, and if your laptop has an hdmi input (which i have never seen), then you could do it.
  3. GreekGamer7

    GreekGamer7 Member

    I'm using htc desire :( wich doesnt have hdmi i have searched info about it and i saw that this connection is possible by downolading android sdk...to a pc..

    Ty anyway;)

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