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  1. adamwolfe

    adamwolfe New Member

    Hi All
    Total Android noob question. I have received my new Galaxy S2 (P) and updated to ICS via Keis. All went well and I'm starting to get to know the phone. (Been a Winmo user up 'til now) Anyway I have noticed that sometimes a red frame around the screen briefly flashes when moving between apps or doing other stuff. The phone seems to be functioning correctly and is certainly fast. I'm sure this "flashing" wasn't there initially so is there something I should be aware of or is this "normal" Any advice gratefully received

    Adam :confused:

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  2. 1981

    1981 Well-Known Member

    i am not sure whether this would work. just give it a try.

    go to settings/developer options/strict mode enabled and uncheck it(if its already ticked).
    let know how it works out.
  3. adamwolfe

    adamwolfe New Member

    Thanks 1981, that did the trick. Thanks again :D
  4. levpius

    levpius New Member

    Thank you 1981 for your solution. and adamwolfe for the question !! It wqas an emabaraasment to see other Galaxy s2 phone which dont have this issue !!
  5. roro esso

    roro esso New Member

    i have the same problem and i made all the steps above, but it didn't work with me :(
    note: my phone is sony xperia acro s
  6. DIM4762

    DIM4762 New Member

    Just joined forum because of same red flashing border problem with Samsung Galaxy S2. 1981 your a star, thank you, problem solved.
  7. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    Hopefully this solution will work for others experiencing the same problem.

  8. APSoft

    APSoft Active Member

    Just faced this myself on another device.
    If this trick didn't work for you - after disabling the option simply reboot your device - it will be in effect after that.
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  9. Dq383500

    Dq383500 New Member

    yep htc evo, worked for me thanx
  10. Sulajmadroid

    Sulajmadroid New Member

    Thank you so much. It was so ugly and irritating!

    Remember to restart!
  11. antony joseph

    antony joseph New Member

    thank you 1981, i just confused with my phone having same red frame issue, i just only one week to have this phone sony xperia, thank you
  12. Rathansherigar

    Rathansherigar New Member

    thank you 1981. this worked for me. i was really worried with the ugly border flashing and i even uninstalled all new games and applications i downloaded checking everytime if that caused the problem.

    thanks a ton.
  13. 1981

    1981 Well-Known Member

    thanks guys. just trying to help out with my limited tech knowledge.
    please dont forget to hit the 'thanks' button though :)
  14. deerob

    deerob New Member

    this was very helpful thanks alot
  15. pezhvak

    pezhvak New Member

    I did the trick as 1981 said, but not just after that, you need to restart your device for the trick to take effect
  16. rovergirl

    rovergirl New Member

    I am experiencing this problem as well with my Galaxy Express. I did try what was suggested, unchecking "strict mode". Mine was not checked in the first place. Any other solutions?

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