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Possible fix for D2 Exchange PIN lock requirementTips

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  1. Redflea

    Redflea Well-Known Member

    There is an issue w/the PIN lock requirement for Exchange accounts on the D2 (and DX as of 2.2 update)...if you have an Exchange email account added, even if the PIN lock requirement is not enforced by your company/server settings, the D2 will still require setting up and using a PIN to unlock the phone.

    Someone posted a potential fix (works on their DX) on Droid Forums:

    I can't test this, as my company does enforce the PIN requirement...thought others might want to give this a try.

  2. thoroside

    thoroside Active Member

    ^^^ did exactly as advised, and did not fix on my D2, still required pin. Very annoying bug, hope a fix comes out soon for it. Abybody gained any other ideas?
  3. joeonetime

    joeonetime New Member

    Yup. Install Liberty 1.5 ROM (assuming your Droid2 is rooted), they have somehow fixed the PIN requirements. I am running Exchange 2007, and I no longer need to enter a PIN to access my device:

    Read more Here
  4. thoroside

    thoroside Active Member

    Damn I'm not rooted. Ppreciate the heads up though.

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