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Possible fix for Kies!General

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  1. blonkster

    blonkster Well-Known Member

    I could not get it to connect at all today, but it had worked in the past, so I tried various things, including turning Kaspersky AV off - but it didn't seem to help.

    I tired a few other things and I think the solution may be to turn wifi off!

    Seems to work consistently for me now, Windows 7 32bit

    Try it and see how it goes.


  2. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Well-Known Member

    Good point.... don't reckon I have tried that yet.

    Update : Wow. That really worked. You sir must be a wizard.
  3. amandeep

    amandeep Member

    :-( Didnt work with Windows 7 64bit
  4. blonkster

    blonkster Well-Known Member

    Try unmounting your SD card, if you have installed one. You obviously cannot access it for file transfer, but normal USB mode will allow that anyway. But if it works you can flash your firmware etc.

  5. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Well-Known Member

    Win7 64 bit user here. It works for me.
  6. ayongkot

    ayongkot Well-Known Member

    i am using windows 7 home premium 64 bit and it just can't connect with kies. i've followed all the steps given in this forum and at modaco but to no avail. i could connect though in usb mode for file transfer and as internet modem. i need to connect using kies for firmware upgrade, any help?
  7. amandeep

    amandeep Member

    Message from Kies that an update is available!
    Upgraded version to
    Connection problems with windows 7 / 64 bit appears solved
  8. ardz

    ardz New Member

    Not true. Running latest version of Kies with Win 7 64 and it still refuses to play ball.
  9. vudluxi

    vudluxi Active Member

    Same here, using win7 64bit and have never been able to connect with Kies.
  10. M3xital

    M3xital Member

    I had some troubles at the beginning connecting my SGS with Kies, not now anymore.
    What i do is launch Kies first and then i connect the cable to the phone, since then i haven't got problems.
    I use Vista 32 bit at home and XP professional 32 bit at the office.
    I'm running Kies version at the office and an older one at home (don't remember witch one right now).
  11. moofychops

    moofychops Active Member

    The version I have is v which seems to work with Windows 7 Pro.
  12. tomthetank

    tomthetank Well-Known Member

    works for me, just need to be using the Tw laucher and then unmount the phones sd card then re mount it. Kies will then recognise it, work for me:)

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