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Possible Issue Syncing The Galaxy Note 3 With the Original Galaxy Note 10.1General

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  1. Preach2k

    Preach2k Well-Known Member

    A person on another forum that got the Gnote 3 in Europe has been complaining about having problems syncing the Gnote 3 to the Original Galaxy Note 10.1. This is what was said:

    My question to all that got the GNote 3 and the Oringinal Gnote 10.1 are you having problems syncing?

    I will find out when I get my Gnote 3 in the next couple of weeks.

  2. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Thanks for posting this info. Now I'm really scared about the compatibility with my Note 8.0!!

    That's one of the things I loved doing, since I'd create a S-Note on one device, and it would sync to the other without issues. So, if that worked without issues, I'm thinking there'll be an issue with my Note 8 and the Note 3 as well.

    I'll post up info, after I get my phone next weekend.
  3. Preach2k

    Preach2k Well-Known Member

    I don't think it will have problems with your Galaxy 8.0. It is fairly new. I think that it will work fine for you.
  4. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    I'm not that worried, but it is based on the same s-note software as the note 10.1 and note 8.

    I'm sure the android 4.3 update will add changes for compatibility, but this is really crucial for my daily work.
  5. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    I expect that the android 4.3 update will add compatibility. At least i hope cuz this is crucial for my work.
  6. artcwolf

    artcwolf Well-Known Member

    I got my N3 the other day and i'm unable to sync SNote between the two. I'm using a Note 10.1 2013 - I'm a bit miffed about this. I'm also not impressed with to me feels like a dumbed down version of S-Note for the N3 - I like the pretty covers, but i don't seem to be able to add new notebooks or separate notes. I'm going to have to play with it some more.

    I would be a lot happier if i could sync them. I tried to sync to evernote but it's unable to open the notes from my 10.1

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