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  1. ThisIsGoofy

    ThisIsGoofy Active Member

    I have a folder that hold my 3 most visited sites. Can I make that a shortcut in the dock? I want a more uncluttered look on the homepage. Dragging it doesn't seem to work. I only get the trash can icon when I do that.

    I apologize if this is covered elsewhere. There are so many places to search for something that might already have been posted.

  2. badblue1

    badblue1 * TRUCKS ARE BEAUTIFUL * VIP Member

    Well, i thought that was a good question, so i just tried it and it worked.
    Now, i'm running backside with adw launcher.

    What launcher are you using???
  3. riggerman0421

    riggerman0421 Well-Known Member

    I don't think it is possible on the stock launcher. You would need to install a new launcher like ADW, Go Launcher EX, or something similar.
  4. ThisIsGoofy

    ThisIsGoofy Active Member

    I use Launcher Pro
  5. Trip9

    Trip9 Active Member

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