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  1. AnnLetters

    AnnLetters Member

    I have a number of videos I've made in the on-board storage/memory of my Thrive and am wondering if I can rearrange the line-up/placement of these--is this possible? I can delete from the gallery area, but find no way to rearrange.

  2. DerekElensar

    DerekElensar Well-Known Member

    you could always rename them using the toshiba file manager by putting a number followed by an underscore before the name.

    i.e. I have videos named "Derek.mov" and "Elensar.mov" and I want to have Elensar be before Derek. I could rename them as "1_Elensar.mov" and "2_Derek.mov" causing the list to be rearranged in the order you want them.

    Hope this helps!
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  3. AnnLetters

    AnnLetters Member

    Thank you! I was hoping there would be a way to drag & rearrange, but renaming is better than uninstalling & reinstalling!
  4. DerekElensar

    DerekElensar Well-Known Member

    Not a problem! Glad I could help! :)

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