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  1. Spoggy

    Spoggy Active Member

    Is it possible to remove Credit Card details from a phone after inputting them on the Android Market? If it makes a difference my phone is the Samsung Galaxy Apollo (Android 2.1)

  2. A.Nonymous

    A.Nonymous Well-Known Member

    Where are you storing these details on the phone?
  3. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    When you input the CC information to Market, that info is not stored perse on your device. It is connected to your gmail account, encrypted and stored by Google/Market.

    If you want to disassociate your CC info from Google/Market, you can do so at your gmail account with your computer, following the services link, or you can cancel that gmail account altogether.
  4. Spoggy

    Spoggy Active Member

    The phone is my 11 year old sons. This is our first Android Phone. It keeps asking for credit card details when he wants to buy apps. I am happy to put details in so he can get what he wants but would then like to delete the details if possible in case phone gets lost. Not 100% sure how androids work.
  5. Spoggy

    Spoggy Active Member

    Thanks Frisco I was still typing before I saw your message

    Thanks to you both,
  6. VinBarbarelli

    VinBarbarelli Member

    Take this further...
    I purchased a game for my son on HIS phone. Now, he can buy anything. (I did not know this would happen.) So, I deleted the credit card from my Google checkout.

    THIS DOES NOT FIX THE PROBLEM. HIS Google checkout has MY credit card attached to it. I have also deleted that credit card, as well as the Primary Address. However, the address is STILL THERE when I click the Edit shippint addresses link. Thankfully, the credit card number is gone... BUT...

    When I go to buy something through Google checkout in the future, I will recreate the credit card. Will HIS Google checkout link to that credit card again?

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