Possible to remove pre-installed apps without rooting somehow? Android SDK?General

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  1. trusktr

    trusktr Member

    I don't want to root. My phone works just fine as is, except for having extra unused and unwanted apps.

    Is there some way to remove them without rooting???

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  2. mickey4mice

    mickey4mice Well-Known Member

    Don't think so. I'm an Android noob myself, had an iphone and a blackberry before jumping ship.

    There are several launchers out there where you can hide unwanted apps from showing up in app drawer. I use GO Launcher and I hide all the ATT/Samsung bloatware so I don't see them. Also, when you do a reboot of the phone, you can go to app->manage apps-running process and kill a bunch of bloatware related background services.

    I'm still patiently waiting for a less confusing rooting method for ATT S2, mainly with the stock kernel and no need to flash using Odin. There's a video posted recently that shows a pretty easy way to root this phone, but the guy put together a custom kernel.

    Honestly, I don't think ATT bloatware on this phone is that bad. When I bought my bb9000, it was littered with ATT crapware. Also, they are "kind" enough to let users uninstall 75% of the crapware on S2.

  3. trusktr

    trusktr Member

    Haha, yeah, only 75% of it. The problem with the bloatware is that Qik, MediaHub, etc, all run in the background, and even if you kill them, then just keep coming back, even though I don't use them at all. That's a waste of resources!
  4. mickey4mice

    mickey4mice Well-Known Member

    You can uninstall Qik, I did it on day 1. Mediahub I killed in setting->app->running and I don't see it running unless the phone gets a reboot. Have you tried?

  5. Mostly Harmless

    Mostly Harmless Well-Known Member Contributor

    rooting this phone is really easy. I wouldn't be afraid of odin, if you follow the steps one by one you will have your phone rooted in about 5 minutes.

    Unless you root there is no way to get rid of the bloatware AFAIK.
  6. SGS2

    SGS2 Well-Known Member

    unrooted, there are only a few bloatware apps, like the at&t code scanner, that you can delete. i think there were about 4 total.

    you have to go one by one.

    also, you can delete/strip off the pre-installed data and updates of some of the pre-installed apps, like google books, facebook, at&t featured apps and you tube. i do not use any of these. the app is still on your phone, but has less data.

    go into the stock "manage applications" app. shortcuts, settings, then "manage applications" will create an easy screen icon.

    or go into settings, then applications, then manage applications, and go one by one.

    sorry, i do not remember the 4 or so i could 100% delete.

    remember to strip the data of apps you hate and do not use. for example, i did that to google books, and in market it says "update available", and i unchecked the auto update to minimize the crap on my phone. same for facebook and the at&t featured apps.
  7. 78Staff

    78Staff Member

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