Possible to revert back to 2.1 via original RUU?

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  1. zombdroid

    zombdroid Well-Known Member

    I understand the stock shipped RUU is floating around some of the forums. Is it possible to get back to the stock 2.1 release?

    My EVO won't sleep and is eating through the battery in just a matter of hours.

    I really don't want to spend time troubleshooting the issues as 2.1 was working perfectly for me.

  2. brushrop03

    brushrop03 Well-Known Member

    I don't think so.

    Did hard resetting not work?
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  3. Daft Punk

    Daft Punk Well-Known Member

  4. zombdroid

    zombdroid Well-Known Member

    I did not try. I assumed hard resetting would just put me back to a stock Froyo install. I want to get rid of Froyo if possible.
  5. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

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  6. zombdroid

    zombdroid Well-Known Member

  7. steelersmb

    steelersmb Well-Known Member

    Once you've upgraded, there is no going back.
  8. tennispro4ever

    tennispro4ever Well-Known Member

    Ok so tried froyo and it was ok. Kinda buggy in my opinion. so I want to go back to 2.1 stock and root. Then try to upgrade to froyo. Help downgrading from froyo back to 2.1 stock.
  9. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Well-Known Member

  10. tennispro4ever

    tennispro4ever Well-Known Member

    ok so I downloaded the RUU file for the stock 2.1 software that came with my phone when i left the store. I also downloaded and installed HTC Sync and everything worked great with that part. When I tried to downgrade to the official 2.1 I get started with the update, the phone reboots and it starts doing it's magic. I then get a error saying bootloader's dont match???? I put the original bootloader back on the phone and what not so how can i successfully downgrade to 2.1???
  11. iMakRay

    iMakRay New Member

    Hey dude you mind helping me out with this process cause the whole "froyo exprerience" isnt anywhere near what i expected it to be....."it sucks"
  12. whtge8

    whtge8 Well-Known Member

    Keeping an eye on this thread. FroYo is awful. Hoping theres an easy way to go back to 2.1
  13. 84guy

    84guy Well-Known Member

    froyo turns on auto updates for the facebook app by default. facebook 1.3.0 and 1.3.1 is the cause of the phone staying awake, go to the market and turn off auto updates for facebook and uninstall the updates and youll be back at facebook 1.2 and phone will sleep
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  14. tmaxey1

    tmaxey1 Well-Known Member

    I have come to the conclusion also after trying to listen to Pandora today. It sounded so bad i thought something was wrong with my car stereo.

    I like most things about 2.2. I dont even have a speed problem. But the Navigation stops the music app and the streaming sound issue is terrible and i dont think it will be fixed anytime soon. If ever. Google has known about this for a long time. Of course i find this out after installing Froyo.

    A warning should have come with this release.
  15. tennispro4ever

    tennispro4ever Well-Known Member

    Sadly as of now It's not possible to revert back. As how I understand it each time you update your phone with stock software it updates the Bootloader. Thats why your getting the error about the bootloader mismatching and what not. I know that with HTC devices these all do this, but if you have a motorola phone or a samsung phone you should be able to upgrade and downgrade with a snatch. Hopefully HTC will change this sometime in the future.
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  16. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    The original RUU for the Evo does exist.

    I keep wondering if it wouldn't be possible to run that and then simply add on the update files sequentially to get back to 2.1, revision 1.47.

    Does anyone know enough about the whole RUU process for that to happen - or is tennispro4ever correct, the phone is now locked?

    Not that I want to mind you. But if that's what some people want, I'm curious to explore that.

    PS - FWIW, I opened a thread on it over at XDA, so if there's anyway it's a stone unturned to help those of you out wanting back to 2.1, at least you know I tried. ;)

    PPS - Locked bootloader, no soap yet.
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  17. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    OBTW - There is a post at XDA that does explain that the update resets all LED notifications to on, under Settings -> Display.

    This is documented to keep the phone from sleeping and will cause incessant up time.
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  18. ep3n3wp

    ep3n3wp Well-Known Member

    I kinda asked this in another thread... But why can't a dev take the leaked 2.2 (or 2.1) ruu exe... And let us roll back to stock rom?
  19. Shawnz

    Shawnz Well-Known Member

    Probably because it's an exe and not a zip.
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  20. RickJ

    RickJ Well-Known Member

    Good tidbit of info, might explain some things. I make the assumption that it is actually the notification itself that is keeping the phone from sleeping and not simply that all led's are defaulted on. Correct?
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  21. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    I admit I'm confused by the report myself.

    The phone is never dead, obviously - it can always receive an sms or a call.

    Logic would suggest that the LED notification is sound asleep (there is such a thing as mode=sleep in any unix (read:Android)) and would therefore - logically - consume no resource until awoken.

    And yet - someone at XDA who's studied it insists other.

    If true, then there is some process that's not logical and is staying on whether notification(s) exist for signaling the LED or not.

    Perhaps making the short answer to your question, yes.

    Turn off all LED notifications.

    In any case, I'm simply passing it on as unsubstantiated in hopes that it will help anyone with an always-on, battery-draining issue.

    It goes back to the overall idea we had originally last week - that once clean, everything is dependent on checking the configuration and controlling it for best performance - not using tricks, using shared experience founded in what makes operational sense.

    While writing this, I would also note that I just realized and remembered:

    The configuration also automatically changes the display to auto-brightness. That's been shown in the past to be an automatic cpu-waster of no actual benefit to the user for our phones.

    Turn off auto-brightness.

    Another poster reported that his maps always launched and had cycles wasted on a background positioning attempt with an uncalibrated magnetic subsystem trying to act as compass.

    I'd therefore also suggest maybe checking Maps to see if its running unintentially - either kill it or get the free Snaptic app called Compass and calibrate the magnetic sensor. (Personally, this last sounds out there - but at this point, I'm just trying to cover bases.)

    Anyone with whtge8's problem should download perhaps SystemMonitor Lite, also free, Market and see if that sheds light on what process is really cpu-hogging. That app will also show a graph readout if a lot of network traffic is happening.

    That's an especially bad sign if you think your all-quiet on the network.

    There's also Android System Info by ElectricSheep, also free from the Market. Ironically, it's cpu-heavy - but - it will let you sort tasks by cpu or memory usage.

    Either of those are infinitely better than looking at percentage of some overall process in the battery read-out.

    A lot of people are convinced that Talk or Facebook isn't really running - one of the above tools might better tell the truth.

    In whtge8's case, there's a runaway process that a factory reset didn't cure. Of the people suffering this, I'm only aware of two who were cured by a second reset. As his nerves are probably shot on this, I haven't pushed it, but for others, it's just a suggestion that I've hung out there.

    We did have one case of a ##786# fix taking care of an uncontrolled handset. That accomplishes a factory reset and a reprovisioning and was done with a Sprint tech on the phone at the same time. Google shows that working for a few people just winging it - and sinking others who did it without benefit of tech support.

    If you want to attempt that, I would recommend not calling Sprint - that takes hours.

    Instead - mail a support form from your account at the online web site.

    Your goal is to hit what we call Tier 3 support.

    To do that in one shot, you have to be mega-succient, mega-polite and mega not-complaining.

    Suggest as follows, reworded so it's not obviously boiler-plated:

    "I have tried every normal good practice I can think of to manage my phone. I've performed a factory reset and still my phone dies quickly. I cannot even attempt to call support because something is eating the battery rapidly. I've read that some people are served with a ##786# reset but I would never attempt reaching into a service function on my own. How should I proceed?"

    Paraphrase that, do not copy and paste. Do not tell them this is "reliable internet advice" - just state your case as succinctly and and as DISPASSIONATELY as possible.

    At minimum, that approach saves you hours on-hold hoping for the best and at maximum it gets you something you never get by calling in: A TRACKING NUMBER - it prevents you having to hear one thing from one tech and a second thing from another.

    That's all I know how to advise on a runaway, battery-eating process at present. DO EXPECT them to ask you to run with nothing but stock apps.

    If you hit Tier 3 - do NOT get clever, do NOT lie to them, do NOT pour your heart out over dissatifaction, do NOT exaggerate. Tier 3 support is always dead on - and it's always hard to come by. Mess with them and you'll get earmarked and they'll move on to some one they can help. The Tier 3 guys are often the ones missing meals with families trying to fix things. Be NICE.

    Take that to the bank - it's how tiered support thinks and functions worldwide.

    As to Pandora - we expected new codecs with 2.2 - never would I expect a step backwards - but they did it.

    Expect only chin-music on this from Sprint. Google screwed the pooch and Sprint has to take the calls. Maybe try for a billing concession for your trouble - but don't expect much. Sprint does not have a music service. In their mind they think you should be paying attention to Nascar or the NFL - and the last thing you want is to give them the idea that so many customers are so upset that in their next release, they should add some streaming bloatware on top of everything else.

    I know this isn't much - but I really am trying my best to help.

    Just because I'm not there right now - in no way implies that I haven't been there before and that I can't empathize with the plights.
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  22. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    The 2.2 RUU exe will give you what you have now, unrooted, if it works.

    The very original 2.1 RUU exe will no longer operate with a later 2.2 phone because of whatever secure methods - crypto, signatures, time stampings, checksums - or any combination existing in your phone's actual hardware. That's the essence of it, all else is pretty much buzzwords.

    With each major release, it becomes a new moving target. We want free and open - Sprint and HTC want things locked down.

    The very act of breaking that code is what leads to the files and methods for rooting.

    This is not publicly stated as a confirmed fact so far as I know - but - you can rest assured that the best minds are VERY quietly working to crack that code, as they have in the past.

    When they do, root will open.

    When that opens, so too does the path to regress back to 2.1.

    Sprint and HTC keep building better mousetraps.

    So far, Yankee ingenuity in the form of the XDA devs are becoming better mice, metaphorically speaking, on our behalf.

    We're just spectators and often unhappy consumers at the hands of large corporations that we pay out to.

    : off topic:

    Many of them have PayPal accounts and openly post for the opportunity to get sufficient donations to just have a night on the town with some buds and a few brewskis.

    I would urge anyone well-served by them to consider the price of at least a six-pack or a cheap meal as money well-spent for the cause. Yes, I have lived to see the day where this week alone, one guy was independently soliciting enough spare change to buy a keg to keep a systems programmer in the trenches busy and perhaps happy.

    Their all geniuses and wizards in my book - I don't know nor have corresponded with a single one of them personally.

    But I know the type very well.

    I'm in no way whatsoever associated with independent geniuses that support us, but this might help explain how deeply I appreciate free and open software warriors everywhere, in the PS of this post:


    :back on topic now:
  23. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Meanwhile - while Pandora and others don't play well - may I suggest the totally non-evil Magnatune.com?

    Here's a sample of what you can stream for free:

    Trip Wamsley: Its Better This Way

    Try it - it's pretty good.

    Also - check out jamendo.com - with your browser set to allow flash and pop-ups. From the stinky to the ridiculous to the sublime and wonderful - those are Creative Commons mp3's that you can legally download for free. A great many of them are simply exceptional by any measure.

    We got H.264 SD video recording and lost decent AAC+ decoding in a single update.

    Sadly, it only - and I apologize if inappropriately - reminds me of the saying that God does not give with both hands.
  24. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

  25. R1_Rydah

    R1_Rydah Well-Known Member

    I guess I will skip this update also... I'm still running 2.1 -- 1.32.651.6 I passed on 1.47.651.1 because IMO it added nothing of substance, but I was hoping 2.2 woudnt have any bugs, because I was looking fwd to 10.1 flash, and being able to run apps from the sd card...

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