Possible to Root without wiping???

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  1. WooBangrr

    WooBangrr Member

    Is it possible to root the Nexus 7 without wiping it? I have an older Motorola Triumph phone that I rooted without doing that with the Terminal Emulator app. Ended up wiping and flashing a different ROM on it anyway. I've had my Nexus 7 for about a month and have accumulated quite a bit of stuff on it. Nothing major, mostly game saves and things like that I would have to redo but would be a PITA. Anyway other way to backup that is like Titanium Backup, without having root, before I unlock and root? ;)

  2. WooBangrr

    WooBangrr Member

    Sorry, I see this question has been asked before. Didn't come up when I searched. I've read in another thread that someone used My Backup and it worked without root. Anyone have experience backing up with this app?
  3. danielkeyes45

    danielkeyes45 Active Member

    That could have been my post...I thought the MyBackup worked. I did everything and it seemed to restore game data, but it never did. I just lost the data.
    Nexus Root Toolkit has an option to backup the N7 before unlocking and rooting. I didn't go through with it because I was having some driver issues, but you can try that. It doesn't require root. Hope that helps.
  4. lucky013

    lucky013 Well-Known Member

    If you are unlocked yes. Not unlocked. No.
  5. John Bean

    John Bean Happy Wanderer

    It works fine. I just rooted my Nexus 7 after using that backup mechanism and restored afterwards. I had absolutely no data loss.

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