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Possible to save an image to your phone directly from Google Images?Support

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  1. Glitter

    Glitter New Member

    Hi All,:D

    I'm brand new to this forum ;) And to the Samsung Spica - which I just bought this week (and LOVE)!!!

    I'm just wondering, as the thread title says... is it possible to save an image onto your phone directly from Google images?? If so, could any of you give me a quick run-down on how to do it?

    Also, is it possible from Facebook aswell? As I've lots of my photos uploaded to Facebook & it'd be so handy to save some of them onto my phone without having to hook up to my laptop:):)

    Many thanks in advance xx

  2. pseud0

    pseud0 Member

    Select the Google Images search result you want, and follow the "View full size" option in the top right of the screen. Press and hold above the image and you should get a menu with Save image. Should download to "downloads" folder.
  3. Glitter

    Glitter New Member

    Hey, thanks very much! That's of great help to me :):):)

    Any ideas for the Facebook pics?:eek:

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