Possible to setup Nexus 4 without SIM ?Support

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  1. nwpsys

    nwpsys Active Member

    My Nexus 4 has arrived and just wondering if I can do the complete the majority ( if not all ) of the setup and app installation with just a wifi connection ?

    Waiting for a my universal car dock to arrive before I cut my full size SIM and fully migrate onto the 4, but want to have a play beforehand.



  2. BrutalUK

    BrutalUK Well-Known Member

    Yes you can! If you have your Google account details handy you can set that up too.
  3. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    I did it that way since i didn't have a micro-sim yet. Works just fine :)
  4. steevo1

    steevo1 Well-Known Member

    I have done this also, until I get all of my accessories and a case. I also installed GrooVe IP Lite from the Play Store. It lets you make calls through Google Voice.
  5. donec

    donec Well-Known Member

    I got my nexus 4 to use without a carrier data service relying on my WiFi hotspot modem for my connection and it works great. Then I heard about T-mobile pay as you go talk only no data and decided to add a sim to have the backup for calls if for some reason my WiFi was not working.

    But just to answer your question yes you most certainly can.
  6. nwpsys

    nwpsys Active Member

    Thanks to everyone for the replies. I'm on Froyo on my HTC Desire so have a lot to learn on my Nexus 4 so need all the time I can get :)



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