Possible to sync phone contacts to Exchange?

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  1. rammar

    rammar New Member

    I've had an HTC Thunderbolt for the list 7 months and have been using it for email with my work pop3 email account. We're trying a hosted Exchange service for better functionality. I've created a different "profile" in Outlook 2010 with the new email account. I setup the ActiveSync account on the phone - and email is working seemlessly. The calander seems to be working if I create a new appt in outlook, it appears on the phone seconds later.

    I was hoping that all of my contacts that are currently on the phone would be automatically sync'd back to the new outlook profile. But so far, no such luck. Is this possible? The little check box in ActiveSync is selected for syncing Contacts.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    I think you would have to set them up as Exchange contacts, not phone contacts. Phone contacts is for syncing to the HTC Sync program. You'd have to export the contacts (usinge contacts>menu>export/import>SD card) then import them again and choose import to Exchange.
  3. rammar

    rammar New Member

    Ah, didn't realize there were "phone" contacts and "exchange" contacts - but that makes sense. Do you think doing the export / import as your suggesting will duplicate them on the phone?

    I use the HTC Sync software transfer them back and forth between the pop3 version of outlook on my laptop and the phone. But at the end of the day if we go with the corporate exhange server, I'm hoping to eliminate using the HTC sync method.
  4. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    I don't have an HTC but I'd imagine it works like how Samsung does it, and I don't really have Exchange, but that's how its done with both Google and others. Its all Android after all.

    1. Phone contacts do not sync to cloud. They sync offline through the corresponding program (in your case HTC Sync)

    2. Yes, doing an import would create duplicate contacts, but you can either entirely delete the phone contacts, or merge them so that they appear as one contact in the phonebook and you can still sync both to HTC Sync and Exchange. One problem I can see here is that when you edit a contact because he has a new number, you have to edit both the Exchange and Phone tabs.
  5. rammar

    rammar New Member

    That worked. I made a backup of my current phone contacts. Then did the import, to see if I had a "merge" option. Didn't see one, and it created the dupes. So I went back and deleted all of the contacts on the phone and did another import. I selected to import them as "exchange" and all I see now is the normal listing. After telling ActiveSync to do an exchange, my new Outlook address book is populated from the phone. Very cool - thank you.

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