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possible to tether moto droid to xoom?Support

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  1. endoftheline

    endoftheline Member

    Wondering if there is a way to tether my orginial moto Droid (where I have pdanet) to the xoom. I've used pdanet to tether to windows 7 PC's any way to make it work to the xoom?

  2. railrode1

    railrode1 Active Member

    You have to root your droid. Look on page 2 in this forum for my post on this. There is a link provided for the steps involved. I had success!

    Edit: page one half way down.
  3. endoftheline

    endoftheline Member

    Anyone know if there is way to do it without rooting the xoom?
  4. railrode1

    railrode1 Active Member

    You root your Droid not the xoom.
  5. Brian_83

    Brian_83 Well-Known Member

    Not sure which way you mean. You said tether the Droid to the Zoom. That can be done easily as tether a device to the Zoom via WiFi or Bluetooth is built in with no extra charge or software needed.
  6. endoftheline

    endoftheline Member

    As far as I known the Original Moto Droid (which is what I have) does not have a wifi tethering feature. (Without rooting)

    Is there a app or a way to tether my non rooted droid 1's internet connection to my xoom? (Maybe using bluetooth?)
  7. railrode1

    railrode1 Active Member

    I have an Of Droid also and rooting was my only option via blue tooth. I could use pdanet for my laptop via usb but it wouldnt work on my xoom. Rooting was simple for me and i'm a noob.
  8. endoftheline

    endoftheline Member

    So after rooting the droid 1 your saying you could tether it using pdanet but just via bluetooth? Is that really fast enough to be worth it for the xoom to use for internet browsing?

    Also I do not see where this link is you were referring to about the tethering, do you mean a sticky on the main page or where do you mean?
  9. railrode1

    railrode1 Active Member

  10. railrode1

    railrode1 Active Member

    First, in number (1) click on" instructions " and follow those steps first to get your droid rooted then come back install the app. I didn't find a USB driver on the Motorola link. It must have already been on my computer, windows 7 so you may not need to look for it. I never needed to try pdanet after this so I don't know.
  11. StreakTheQuad

    StreakTheQuad Well-Known Member

    I just flashed to pete Alfonso's stock gingerbread rom (GBA13) and now the Bluetooth tether method no longer works. Anybody else using GBA13?

    wireless tether still works with my laptop via wifi.

    I like having gingerbread on my OG Droid more than I like tethering my xoom, so I don't plan on reverting back to stock 2.2. :)

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