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  1. Alt

    Alt New Member

    So, my 2.4ghz and 1gb of ram elderly pc is a tad underpowered for the Sony PC Companion minimum specs at 3.6ghz and 2gb of ram. It gets the preparing the phone for upgrade bit then pc companion freezes and locks up the comp.

    Tried doing it through the phone and it tells me to do it via the PC.
    Aside buying a new PC, which I planned on doing in the near future anyway, is there any other way to upgrade to 2.1 without Sony's bloatware?



  2. rosered

    rosered VIP Member VIP Member

  3. Alt

    Alt New Member

    Thanks for the tip and link, I'll look into that update service.

    Unfortunately, my friends and myself aren't gamers or hardcore pc enthusiasts so their comps/laptops are around the specs, fine for web/mail and chat.

    A relative has a dual core and suffice ram for pc companion, but only dodgy 256k dsl in a rural area. Would be an hour + drive and would end up having to spend a week there while it downloads. It'd be less hassle to buy a new pc.

    Thanks again for your help, muchly appreciated! :)
  4. rosered

    rosered VIP Member VIP Member

    The SEUS programme doesn't need as much in the way of system specs as PC Companion, works fine on my little netbook so might be a better option.

    Give it a try and see, you shouldn't need a mega PC to run it, it may be that the PC Companion is a bit quirkier and just messed with your system.
  5. Alt

    Alt New Member

    Yeah my system is above the minimum specs for the Update Service, however it crashes my PC in exactly the same way PC Companion did. Switched the phone off, plugged cable in whilst holding down the back key, the windows usb thing detects a flash device. SEUS continually shows the graphic to plugin the cable and hold down the button, waited around 15 mins I noticed with my system stat monitor there's no bandwidth being used as it should be checking for/downloading the update, CPU is frozen at 30%. Windows locks up, can't even get the task manager open, can't do anything aside drag the frozen SEUS/PCC window around and have to forcefully reboot. Gonna try on a similar spec AMD system in the living room, both systems are secure, stable and have no problems with any other software.

    If I get the same result on the other PC it's definitely the first and last Sony Ericsson phone I ever buy. Same goes for other Sony products in general. The software for the old Sony minidiscs was atrocious as well. Even if I do manage to update I think I'll be trading in for a Motorola Milestone 2 asap.

    Thanks for your time rosered!
  6. rosered

    rosered VIP Member VIP Member

    If the programme isn't getting beyond hold down the back button and connect usb, you could try booting the PC in safe mode with networking and run SEUS from there. This has worked for quite a lot of people.
  7. Shangriblah

    Shangriblah Member

    I borrowed my housemate's laptop for twenty minutes. I was a bit peeved as I've just spent a boatload ofy money on a new macbook pro only to find out SEUS doesn't happen on OSx!

    But seriously, her laptop is a total crate, it has about 750 mb of RAM, and runs XP Media Centre which is a nightmare unto itself! That said, the update worked fine, despite taking an age on her dated system.
  8. jonnybegoode

    jonnybegoode New Member

    xperia mini Pro Sony dont buy this Phone !
    wont connect to laptop pressed down back key !
    goes in safe mode ok but laptop does not see it its 2.1 oper usb available
    cannot transfer photos of phone to laptop
    phone reboots it self

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