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  1. bnwood

    bnwood Member

    Can I use my HTC Evo 4G LTE (Sprint) as a dial-up modem through my laptop?

    Many will ask why, and most will say you can tether the laptop to the phone to get internet access, I already do this. Let me explain...

    I work in the commercial HVAC automation industry. Our building controllers have dial-up modems as a backup/remote connection. The time comes from time to time that I need to connect to the site remotely to test the modem or check on the site's status after repairs. Our old laptops had internal Verizon aircards that could be used for dial-up service. We have have since upgraded laptops and no longer have the internal modems. We have been provided 3G or 4G external aircards from the big carriers. I have tried to set up my Verizon 3G aircard with no success. I have worked with the other techs to do the same with their AT&T and Sprint devices with the same result. I have also contacted the service providers and modem manufacturers with zero success.

    I think if the device can handle it, it needs to show up as a modem in the device manager. I sometime have to use Hyperterminal for our oldest sites and our building managment software for the rest of them. I'm not necessarily stuck on the EVO, this is a trial phone for us, we're supposed to run them though their paces and see how we like them. My normal work phone is a HTC Inspire 4G LTE (AT&T).

  2. fredworxz

    fredworxz Active Member

    You should be able to do it .....although it would depend on the laptop software
    Earlier versions of Windows will no recognize the newer style phone ......so you may need to find drivers to access the phone
  3. bnwood

    bnwood Member

    The laptop is running Windows 7 Enterprise edition, it recognizes the phone now as a USB storage device or whatever the mode is.
  4. Sonin66

    Sonin66 Member

    why do you want to hook it up as a dial up modem when you can tether through wifi?
  5. fredworxz

    fredworxz Active Member

    Have you tried setting up your phone in the internet options in control panel ???
  6. bnwood

    bnwood Member

    Do mean on the laptop? I have tried creating the dial-up connection, but the connection is looking for a modem, I'm not able to point it at the phone. I have also tried to create a modem in the device manager, but again since the laptop doesn't see any modems install, it won't allow me to finish the process as it won't let me select the port. In the end, the computer will have to recognize the phone as a dial-up device.
  7. fredworxz

    fredworxz Active Member

    yea sorry ......the internet connection on your laptop
    You should be able to run it as a modem
  8. Willatpenru

    Willatpenru New Member

    I also need to make circuit switched data calls to modems connected to remote data loggers. Did you have any success? If you don't know what the original poster is talking about don't bother posting. Duuuuh have you tried switching on tethering buuuuhh.
  9. bnwood

    bnwood Member

    No luck so far....

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