Possible to use Multi-Window to have two concurrent browser tabs open?Support

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  1. Doyouwantaspoo

    Doyouwantaspoo Well-Known Member

    I have tried using multi-window to have two different internet tabs open at the same time, but I can't get it to work.. I can have the browser + youtube, or other combinations, but not browser + browser. I am using Chrome Mobile. Anyone know of a way?

  2. tadad1

    tadad1 Member

    I sometimes use the stock browser and chrome at the same time.
  3. annebrooks64

    annebrooks64 Well-Known Member

    Yeah you can't use chrome twice in multi window but you can use chrome plus stock browser as the person above said. If you want to get really ambitious you can also use pop up browser for links so you have 3 web windows open at the same time.
  4. Appestry

    Appestry Member

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  5. babypooches

    babypooches New Member

    I have the same issue with not being able to open two Chrome windows at the same time but it says you should be able to. I'm having the same problem with maps. It won't allow me to open two windows.

    Is there something in the settings that can be changed?
  6. spc_hicks09

    spc_hicks09 Well-Known Member

    As people have suggested, you're not going to be able to do it with JUST using Chrome. You need to use 2 separate browsers and there's not fix for it.

    As for maps, you're obviously not going to be able to use 2 of those at the same time going to different locations. Your phone only works as 1 GPS, not 2. Therefore, you can't have 2 maps going at the same time.

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