Possible to use short/notification sound as ringtone?General

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  1. finreed

    finreed New Member

    Wondering if you can use one of the notification tones as a ringtone. I don't want a whole song to play, but just a quick sound to alert me of an incoming call. I tried to download a sound effect to use, but it just loops it over adn over. Thanks.

  2. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    I think it probably will loop over and over. You could likely work around this by extending the file's length to include a bunch of silent time after the desired sound.
  3. finreed

    finreed New Member

    I thought about doing that as a last resort, but didn't know if there was an easier way to do that. I like the guitar chord notification sound - simple and clean - and wanted to see if I could push that over. Thanks.

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