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  1. j13smiley

    j13smiley Well-Known Member

    on my orig inc i replaced the stock slim battery with a slim battery for the evo that gave us a little longer battery power. there were a few brands that we used (i used the chi chi tech ones) with no issues. they were great because they fit under the stock battery door and did not make the phone bigger.

    we may finally have an option now for the inc4g. i think it comes stock with a 1700 battery, here's a 1930. i not seen any reviews of this battery yet for $30 i may test them myself...

    5IN1 for HTC DROID Incredible 4G LTE Verizon

  2. hilmar2k

    hilmar2k Well-Known Member

    If I knew someone else who had one, I'd buy it and split it with him. I really don't need an upgraded battery, and I certainly don't need two.
  3. j13smiley

    j13smiley Well-Known Member

    ordered on fri afternoon, package arrived today.

    i'll charge them up tonight and then start testing.
  4. j13smiley

    j13smiley Well-Known Member

    charged up last night... running in my phone now. seems to work - just need to wait and see how it performs now...
  5. j13smiley

    j13smiley Well-Known Member

    a quick update... after a week and a half i'm not impressed. the status meter does not sync up correctly with actual battery charge. and i'm getting less actual usage time anyway (like 1 hour less screen time). idle time is about the same (although hard to judge) but doesn't help me when usage time is less and you can't really trust the status meter of how much battery life i left.

    i have switched back to the stock battery as of today.

    we have a thread on xda about this, another user started his test yesterday with even worse results but will report back after a few charging cycles.
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  6. hilmar2k

    hilmar2k Well-Known Member

    Being a guinea pig certainly has its ups and downs. ;)

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