Possible way to unlock o2 Streaks??

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  1. mark1252003

    mark1252003 Well-Known Member

    Hi all, just a thought but if people root their streaks or download other operating systems wouldnt this wipe the phone altogether thus deleting the locked o2 network?? :confused::confused:

  2. twe

    twe Active Member

    No, that part of the phone does not have anything to do with the lock.
  3. mark1252003

    mark1252003 Well-Known Member

    Ahh, cheers for that ;)
  4. IPvFletch

    IPvFletch Well-Known Member

    A reply to the latest email I got from O2 about unlocking:

  5. mark1252003

    mark1252003 Well-Known Member

    Contradicting themselfs I think, I rang them yesterday trying to play the "Iam going abroad for a few weeks and need it unlocking" and they said if you had the phone longer than 12 month they WILL unlock it, anything before that its a no-no. The system that unlocks the phone will see that its not 12 month thus preventing it and theres no overiding the system. So come on O2 you can either unlock it and stop the BS "Exclusive to O2" crap or you cant!!!! :confused::confused:
  6. zipitupuk

    zipitupuk New Member

    Just buy a rebel sim :) works for me. I now use a Virgin Sim (T-Mobile)
  7. prova

    prova New Member

    no need for rebel sim anymore..it worked well though...just go to mobileunlocked.co.uk and pay $11 and give imei and select your provider, AT&T or whatever and u get code...i got my code in reply email in under 2 minutes....didnt even know email was there till i browsed my inbox 2 minutes after submitting....
  8. mark1252003

    mark1252003 Well-Known Member

    Just tried that with O2 UK and it says it cannot be unlocked , good thing really as I bought a Rebel sim v1.2 the other day and it works a treat. :):)
  9. imouse

    imouse New Member

    O2 uses a totally different algorythm to generate their (un)lock codes.
    At this moment, it's only the Rebel Sim that works.
  10. unknown-singh

    unknown-singh Active Member

    there are sellers on ebay now offering a code unlock for dell streaks but not cheap one seller is charging
  11. I just went to the site and am awaiting a response. I will let everyone know how it goes. I am locked to AT&T even though I didnt buy my streak with a plan :mad:
  12. stevenlong

    stevenlong Well-Known Member

    I have AT&T service and purchase the Streak off contract.
    I just called AT&T support and asked for the unlock code, saying I planned to travel and would need the unlock code.
    They asked me my IMEI I gave it to them and in a few minutes they provided the code.
    I had to borrow a friends T-Mobile SIM card to see if it work but the code provided work just fine.

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