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  1. 792218005

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    Hello everybody!

    I live in Canada and use Rogers. I want to purchase either a Droid, Nexus One, or Samsung Galaxy S over ebay. Problem is I'm a complete noob and have only ever bought phones through my carrier. My knowledge of what to do is VERY limited. All I know is that I need a phone with a sim card...

    How do I go about making it work here? I'm sure plenty of people here know the answer so I'd love a bit of help!

    tl;dr: Live in Canada. Want a phone from outside Canada. How make work?
    inb4: Yes I have tried Google.

  2. Steven58

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    I'd like to answer your question and help you personally, but I can't. What I CAN do, however, is move your query to the Rogers' forum. Someone will help you from there, most likely.

    Finally, I'd like to warmly welcome you to Android Forums. We are the largest and most friendly Android Forum on planet Earth! :) Glad you signed up.
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  3. GreatBigDog

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    Just make sure you purchase an (UNLOCKED) phone that is capable of running on the At&t network in the US. Any Nexus one that you find compatable with At&t, Rogers, Bell, Telus will be unlocked for sure.

    If you can't get an unlocked phone, you'll have to get it unlocked yourself. Just use Google to find someplace online that will get a code for you (for a fee of course), I'm sure that if also post back to the forums here you'll be able to get some recommendations of sites to use as well.

    Once you have the phone, just pop your Sim card into it and your good to go.

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  4. 792218005

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    Thanks a bunch for the help! I was really hoping it would be as simple as that!

    Once I finally get my hands on a sexy Android I'll be posting quite a bit on your fantastic forum! :D
  5. Cy1971

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    Hi I am also on rogers. I just bought a galaxay s through bell.
    Switching it to rogers was a piece of cake with the Galaxy S

    Here are the steps I took.
    1) Go to the market and download android unlock tool and run it.
    It gave me the unlock code for the phone.
    2) Power the phone down, and replace the bell sim card with my rogers one.
    3) When you power it back up it will not recognize your sim card and a prompt will come up to enter in your unlock code. Enter that in and your phone is unlocked.
    4 Enter Rogers apn settings and you are all set (you can find these easily by doing a google search for rogers apn setting)

    That was it. Less than 5 minutes and no technical ability needed.
  6. BingoRingo

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    Or you can buy a brand new unlocked phone from Canada!

    Try this link: Buy Unlocked GSM Cell Phones and Accessories - PureMobile Canada They don't have all the models you're looking for but it's worth a look.

    ***I have never dealt with this company so don't use this as a testimonial! Do your homeworks before buying from any website, eBay or not!***
  7. HTC Desire is 'coming soon' ...

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